Nutri-Drench and Nutri-Drops  provide additional nourishment & help animals coping with Injury, acute or chronic illness, excessive stress and extra-ordinary physical demands.


Give Nutri-Drench

The  trusted source of fast energy and complete Nourishment








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      When their energy is low,  give them some of ours!

Nutrient rich liquid supplement, formulated to boost energy and

critical nutrients when reserves are challenged

In the case of excessive stress, excessive physical exertion, fear, acute or long term illness, injury, poor nutrition or similar insult: additional energy and nutrients  (above maintenance level) are needed.


Your animal's best insurance

  • To absorb adequate nutrients        from feed.
  • To digest intake into units small 

            enough to be absorbed (vitamins

            minerals, antioxidants, etc 

  • To eliminate waste products which 

            may be toxic.

All living organisms require specific nutrients to satisfy biological processes such as growth & tissue maintenance, reproduction and work. 


Since animals do not manufacture energy and essential nutrients they must rely on  sources such as grazing, hunting or commercial feeds. Most are made up of complex structures which must be broken down (digested) into small enough particles to be absorbed by the digestive tract. 


Poor nutrition and/or digestive problems can interfere with nutrient breakdown, absorption, metabolism and can interfere with the elimination of waste products. 

An over-stressed animal can lose some of  its ability.


Dr. Laird Laurence, Hill County Vet Clinic,  Fredericksburg, TX
“There is no product out there like Pet Nutri-Drops.  I couldn't  tell you why it works.  They think it’s ‘in the bloodstream in minutesand after using it, I believe that. Usually, when animals are sick enough, they haven’t eaten for days. Nutri-Drops is the first thing we try.   Its speed is most important.  In about 15 minutes average, animals are more alert and respond to their environment.”




Lora dePlante, NH, Animal Disaster Planner, said. "Nutri-Drench  saved my mules life- not to mention the increased vitality of my Cushing's donkey and ancient pot belly pig'.  It's the best kept secret  and shouldn't be.  Pet and animal owners need to know about this product."

Animals must use some of their energy to overcome any interruption to its ability to function. The situation can be further worsened because stressed animals may quit eating (effecting availability of energy and nutrients). 

Energy comes from calories and is  a measurement of food energy. Calories measure the amount of potential heat energy contained in the chemical bonds of food.   


If the animal's supplies of dietary energy and nutrition are low or depleted it may interfere with an adequate immune response and its ability to cope. 


Nutri-Drench products are a combined balance of high quality glucose (energy), vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  These nutrients support all organ  systems, including the immune system.

        Why Nutri-Drench


Because we guarantee results within a month, or give you a 100% refund!


Giving dietary energy and complete nouishment

regularly takes the guessing out of what you feed! 







Manufactured under two U.S. Patents

Nutri-Drench manufacturing process   provides quality ingredients in an easy- to-assimilate liquid that includes dietary energy & essential nutrients.