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Rheanna, Hallasville, TX
I wanted to write & let you know how pleased I am with Nutri-Drench. I canít tell you how many lives have been saved, especially weak chicks. Itís difficult to figure out dosage for a small newborn chick but I put Nutri-Drench on a q-tip, dip the q-tip in water & administer the Nutri-Drench. Iíve saved so many chicks this way, ones that were on deaths doorstep. Every time I give Nutri-Drench the chick perks up within the hour. Just this morning I had a chick that had a rough hatch, she was the last egg to hatch & I found her cold in the nest, unable to hold her head up, her eyes open or stand. Now sheís holding her head up & pecking. None of my chicks have died, they all thrive. PLEASE never stop making this product. Itís a life-saver. People usually only email to complain but this is such a great product, I feel compelled to write & compliment.