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Becky Brim, Stone Hill Rabbitry, Bartlesville, OK
I am so impressed with how wonderful this product is - it's like a miracle cure for my little Hollands and my son's Mini Satins. I first heard of Nutri-Drops at a Convention in San Diego. I had a doe that had went off feed in the barn while I was gone. She was at that stage of grinding teeth and feeling like a bag of nothing but bones. I grabbed my Nutri-Drops and gave her a dose. I fully expected her to be dead the next day, but she wasn't. She had drank a little water. I gave her another dose. That afternoon she had drank a lot more water and ate all of her hay and some of her grain. Gave her one more dose that evening and since then she has made a complete recovery. She is one of 4 bunnies that I can truly say that I fully believe if it had not been for Nutri-Drops, I would have lost them. I have never seen anything work as well on bunnies that go off feed and water. I must say for me it is a "Miracle Cure" that I don't mind recommending to all my bunny buddies!