Marie Bradford, Harmony Ridge Farms
Oak Hill, Ohio

We have a farm with total of about 200 acres of which roughly 10 acres are dedicated to Alpaca pastures. We consider ourselves fortunate to have grown from the original three to 52 Alpacas, all Huacayas. ?Primarily what pushed us into use of the Nutri-Drench products was in our second year a couple of females, after they delivered, they experienced more rapid weight loss than what we like to see. We looked for the best possible way to supplement, calories, vitamins and minerals. Nutri-Drench was recommended to us by a farm mentoring us. We were very happy the females gained back the weigh. ?We use ND on females and a few Crias, younger animals that are not gaining or are losing weight. It boosts the blood sugar level and the metabolism as well. Generally within two weeks they have improved to where we can back off and see if they maintain. I canít honestly remember having to use it again; certainly not unless there was something going on that needed medical intervention. We find it to be a super great supportive means to keep the animals healthy.Ē

Tracy duCharme, Idle Hour Ranch
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Homer is a Llama rescued from Pikeís Peak after his mom was killed by a Mountain Lion. He had been alone for 6 weeks. He was so thin I could feel every bone in his neck. I was having a hard time getting him to eat so I gave him Nutri-Drench. He started sneezing and trying to spit it out like Llamas do when you try to feed them something they are not familiar with, but he immediately went to the feed. He was eating really well for a few days, then stopped. I gave him another dose. He didnít spit it out and he started eating again. Later we had an event in public away from the herd. I gave him another dose because he was in a stressful situation and he was pretty relaxed.

Leslie Christine Franco
VP Administration & Rehab Wildlife Care

I swear by Nutri-Drench. I've had fawns that I was sure were going to die & I put Goat Nutri-Drench in their bottles and they lived! I recommend it to EVERYONE now. I also use Poultry Nutri-Drench on all birds I get in. It's a WONDERFUL product. I have several rehabbers and goat breeders hooked on it. Thank you.

Larry Mackey, DVM
Greeley, Colorado

I treated 10 head of high producing dairy cows, with ketosis for one week without any success using standard accepted therapeutics such as IV glucose, dexamethasone, choline, thiamine, chelated electrolytes and Lifeguard. These cows may have had the complication of early stages of fat cow syndrome. After one treatment of Nutri-Drench, half of these cows tested negative to urine ketones. The remainder tested negative after the second treatment. One cow, with the nervous form of ketosis, was clinically normal in less than 4 hours. My standard treatment for ketosis is 1 pint Nutri-Drench for two consecutive treatments. I get excellent response. It's all I use.I think it's the combination of everything in it. It's not a single ingredient like propylene glycols. If an animal is not metabolizing, Nutri-Drench adds vitamin and mineral packages on top of that. Another reason its so effective is the directness of Nutri-Drench. It's absorbed through the stomach wall. Older treatments need bacterial metabolism to get away from the gut. If the cows don't respond to Nutri-Drench after a couple of days, something else is wrong.

Bob Darlington, DVM
Snohomish, Washington

I use Nutri-Drench on any cows off feed or going through a stress period, for digestive disorders, with other medications for high fever plus before and after surgery. This is a formula that does it better.

Don Robinson, Lazy JD Cattle Co
Zortman, Montana

We use Nutri-Drench on baby calves in spring and if we have sick calves in fall. Also when get pneumonia or chilled. I recommend it.

Don Gruble, Bear Butte Valley Charolais
Sturgis, South Dakota

We had one calf with pneumonia and scours after a blizzard. We used antibiotics LA200 and electrolytes. He was not reacting to anything. We dosed him with Nutri-Drench and he took right off. Now we give it to all the calves who look down and it works really good. They don't come down with anything.

Columbia, Missouri

MFA veterinarians used Nutri-Drench on livestock on our own research farm and now carry the products in our 180 plus stores. MFA vets were pleased to find increased vigor, faster and more aggressive nursing in animals given Nutri-Drench. Additionally, there was improved response to antibiotics. Nutri-Drench made us ďbelieversĒ after administration to sick and bottled calves. And, after treating 160 calves at birth, we believe they showed increased size.

Marlin McCaffree, Lextron Animal Health
Montana Division

Nutri-Drench is the most measurable product in terms of efficacy after administration I have ever had the opportunity to sell. Thatís the perception of the customer. Repeat business is probably 95% each year. If they used it last season, itís one of the first things they ask for this year because it is so measurable.

Alan Clark, Animal Medic
Manchester, Pennsylvania

Sometimes customers object to the initial price of Nutri-Drench but once they use it, theyíre hooked. One customer told me itís the closest thing to a miracle that he ever saw. Nutri-Drench seems to work better than Dextrose on ketosis. The local veterinarian even recommends using it.

Milton Green, DVM
Gering, Nebraska

Nutri-Drench is a good investment in supportive nutrition to improve treatment response, reduce hospital time, expense and reduce death loss.

Ben Frederick DVM, Lander Vet Clinic
Turlock, California

Iíve used Nutri-Drench for some time and am very pleased. Nutri-Drench performs exactly as it claims. I also have several dairymen using the product and they are pleased with the fast results and sales are increasing daily at an impressive rate.

Stephen Lee Field Trials
Greeley, Colorado

I visited a medium sized Dairy Farm in Greeley to use the farm as a backdrop to film an advertisement. When we arrived at the farm I found two dead newborn dairy cows (2 days old) lying on the ground. They had already had their stomachs cut open and laid under the sun for sanitation purposes. These baby cows were going to be transported to Colorado State University in Fort Collins for research on why they died. Then I saw a baby cow that was very ill, lying on the ground panting also newborn (2-3 days old). The farm veterinarian predicted that the baby cow would die tonight. Due to the cows condition I offered to try Nutri-Drench on the baby cow. After 45 minutes the baby cow could stand up, but still looked weak. Out of curiosity I called the farm back after 1 and 2 weeks to see if the cow was still alive, and it was.

Butch Boerjan
Mt. Burg, Arkansas

I had a little calf that was down and could not get up. I gave 1 oz of Beef Nutri-Drench to the calf in the morning and 1 oz at night. The next day I checked to see if he had died. He was up trying to get to the cow. What a surprise that was! This is number 2 that I've gotten back to life with this product. This is the best thing that's ever happened. It gives a burst of life soon after you give it. Nutri-Drench saved two-for-two. That's proof enough for me. Thank you very much.

Bruce Sedman
Lyman, Nebraska

I first came in contact with Nutri-Drench as a veterinarian assistant. I've seen Holstein cows that were down get up again. Ketosis is about the worst thing on Holsteins, they just die from it. Nutri-Drench is the only thing that will work.

Lavere Hook, Animal Medic
Manchester, Pennsylvania

Nutri-Drench is the best product available for ketosis. Once a customer uses it, they will be good repeat buyers. Any time a quick source of energy is desirable for any condition, Nutri-Drench is the best product to use. The fact that some of the veterinarians in this area have endorsed Nutri-Drench also lends credibility to the product.

Leroy Barnett, Animal Medic
Manchester, Pennsylvania

I sell a lot of Nutri-Drench to use on cows with ketosis and my customers really like it. Once a customer uses it, heíll be sold on it.

Galen L. Martin, Animal Medic
Manchester, Pennsylvania

If you can get a producer to use Nutri-Drench, they will almost always buy more. Repeat business and referrals has been terrific. I use Nutri-Drench for ketotic cows, veal calves and dairy replacement calves. If the animal needs a quick energy boost, there is nothing that works better. One of the veterinarians in my area recommends it frequently whenever symptoms indicate a metabolic imbalance.

Kasi Krauss, Owner, Party Gecko Enterprises

Having exhausted all known resources and still finding one of my prime gecko specimens in failing health, I turned to Pet Nutri-Drops from Bovidr Laboratories, as a last resort. Unsure how to dose such a small animal (30 grams) with something designed for much larger species, I began by administering one drop (to be licked off of the tip of its nose) each week. Even with such a small amount being ingested at such infrequent intervals, the animal's appetite quickly increased and now - only a few weeks later - it has put on weight and is thriving.

Lana Elswick, Kentucky
Owner of ďBoo BooĒ the worldís smallest dog

Boo Boo and I are going to New York tomorrow, we will be on the Today Show Friday morning Jan 25th. We were on Regis and Kelly in Oct. and we went to Sacramento Ca. in Nov. and did a photo shoot with the worldís tallest dog. Your product saved her life and I tell everyone I can. They just will not let me mention a products name on tv.

Mary Jane
Richy, Indiana

My 7 yr old Chi was misdiagnosed with a disk problem and given prednizone. As it turned out, she had an infection. Prednizone made her feel better but compromised her immune system and infection went rampant. She had several abscesses over her body & was on 3 strongest antibiotics but nothing worked. Fever was at 104 for days & we fed her by syringe every couple of hours. She could hardly move & we decided to put her down. I found an unopened bottle of Pet Nutri-Drops. They were old & I wasnít sure I should use them but figured they couldnít hurt. I administered Pet Nutri-Drops Saturday morning & by Sunday night, she was eating & drinking on her own. By next Sunday, fever was gone & antibiotics began to work. Infections were gone. It may take time to get all her strength back but if an unopened bottle of 5 yr old Pet Nutri-Drops can do that, I canít imagine what a new one will do. I will never be without a fresh supply ever again.

Lana Lane, †Land Gator Kennels
Rebecca, Georgia

We raise Bulldogs, Toy Fox Terriers and Dalmatians. For different reasons, pups get extremely weak and many lay down to die. After Pet Nutri-Drops, within 15 minutes theyíre up & gone to the water bucket. It will darn near bring them back from the dead. My mother calls it a straight miracle. Other products I know of have to be digested so youíre talking hours before getting results and by then, the dogís dead.

Ken Bengson, Countryside Vet Supply
West Plains, Missouri

Iíve used Pet Nutri-Drops on newborns that wouldnít nurse and they nurse immediately. Itís the difference between life and death. Iíve had Pomeranians and Poodles in hypoglycemic shock and Nutri-Drops brought them out with no ill side effects. And, in just 15 - 20 minutes!

Hubert Q. Tucker DVM
Orange, Virginia

The last 15 years, Iíve been interested in alternative medicine, especially nutrition. First time I tried Pet Nutri-Drops, I had a weak & stressed puppy. In half an hour, he started picking up, whimpering, showing energy had been restored. You can even maintain them on it for a few days. I gave it to an English Pointer that had 15 puppies over a long 24 hour period. She wasnít stressed or beat up afterwards. That was the most dramatic thing Iíve seen. Itís a quick source of energy and nutrients for any stressed out or debilitated dog. It doesnít have to go through the digestive process. It goes right into the bloodstream.

Tom & Sherry Beebe
Morrill, Nebraska

Our first use of Pet Nutri-Drops was on a hypoglycemic Chinese Pug, 2 weeks old and fading. He slipped into a hypoglycemic coma and I gave him Nutri-Drops, massaging his throat to swallow. He revived and was able to walk and eat within 15 minutes. With females that wait any length of time between pups, I use it to maintain a good energy level. They withstand the stress of labor better.

Dr. Laird Laurence, Hill Country Vet Clinic
Fredericksburg, Texas

There is no product out there like Pet Nutri-Drops. I couldnít tell you why it works. I use it with parvo dogs. (Parvo virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, slough intestinal tract). Nutri-Drops gets nutrition into them when their ability to absorb nutrients is lessened. It is well absorbed and gets a blood level of nutrients quickly. They claim itís Ďin the bloodstream in minutes and after using it, I believe that. Usually, when animals are sick enough, they havenít eaten for days. Nutri-Drops are the first thing we try. Its speed is most important. In about 15 minutes average, animals are more alert and respond to their environment.

Karen Richards
Asutell, Georgia

I have Jack Russell Terriers. I learned about Pet Nutri-Drops from people who were racing. It gives them a boost of whatever they need and they recover from exertion and heat much faster. My dogs hunt and sometimes they get bitten. I give them Nutri-Drops right there in the field and it seems to perk them up. They get a funny look in their eye when theyíre not interested in whatís going on around them. After Nutri-Drops, theyíre right back to what theyíre supposed to be doing. You can see the difference in 5 minutes. Travel makes them miserable. If any look stressed, Nutri-Drops perks them up. Iíve just been to the National trials at Havre De Grace, MD and every one of my terriers placed. I donít think thatís ever been done in the history of the Nationals that a whole litter placed at the championships.

Mary Vender Walker
Weyauwega, Wisconsin

The Sheltie is supposed to be a hardy little dog but they have a lot of whelping problems. Small puppies happen frequently. Fading puppies go very fast. Pet Nutri-Drops says it enables newborns to overcome life threatening crises and become active and aggressive in nursing fast. I didnít even have to wait 1/2 hour! Even if theyíre not bad off, I give Nutri-Drops to all newborns. Iím not going to take any chances.

Collette & Tony Thone
Mitchell, Nebraska

Since using Nutri-Drops, pups that normally died are being saved. It stimulates appetite and does not cause diarrhea with continued use.

Cynthia Cage
Evart, Michigan

Pet Nutri-Drops are always on hand. Itís the one thing I can always count on for a variety of conditions. Itís almost like having a first-aid pack in one. I donít travel without it and when a bitch goes into whelp, itís one of the first things I have handy. Great for the bitch and a drop for the whelps.

Sheila M. Beeney, Coneypark Shetland Sheepdogs

I have a Shetland Sheepdog who I mated three times. First time, she "missed" despite a good mating. Second time, she produced 1 puppy that was average size but died for no apparent reason at 3 days. The third time she produced yet another singleton which also died at 3 days for no apparent reason. The stud dogs were all fertile dogs that usually produced good sized litters. Each time a different dog was used so it's unlikely it was just a case of not being compatible. At this point, I decided not to mate her again. Then, I read about Pet Nutri-Drops in Dog World. I also read Betty Bloomfields book and found she used them for weak pups. I called Nutri-Drops' technical advisor and asked whether their product might be beneficial in saving the singletons we lost in the past, should I decide to mate again. He suggested I give the bitch Nutri-Drops 6 weeks before she was due to come into season and then 4 hours before she was mated, following this with a weekly dose while she was carrying the pups. He felt it was better to tackle the problem from this angle as it would increase her fertility which would give pups a better chance of surviving. I followed instructions to the letter and am delighted to tell you she whelped 6 puppies (more than I ever had hoped for as 4 is average for a Sheltie). As I write, the pups (3 dogs & 3 bitches) are 5 days old and thriving. Each puppy was given a dose of Nutri-Drops as soon as they were born. The last pup born was to all intents, dead on arrival, very weak and lethargic. I gave him a dose of Nutri-Drops and within 15 minutes he was racing around the bed and sucking with great gusto. I have no doubt that Pet Nutri-Drops is responsible for this lovely litter surviving and I want to thank Bovidr Laboratories' technician for his help.

Dr. Nancy Trammell, Research Biologist
Cumming, Georgia

I have 35 years experience in breeding and animal husbandry. If you are going to own the animal there is one product you must have, Pet Nutri-Drops. No animal lover should be without it. Nutri-Drops is un-rivaled in rescuing animals in any time of stress Ė not just when theyíve gone off food and water. We know that the trans-tissue absorption through mouth, throat and stomach walls provides delivery that bypasses the digestive tract and acts as a non-invasive I.V. Sending nutrients straight into the bloodstream gives an immediate boost to their system, jump-starting their digestive process and promotes their return to a normal appetite. Itís important to know that Nutri-Drops is my first ďadditive of choiceĒ in many (some would accuse me of ďallĒ) circumstances. I recommend that you use Nutri-Drops to boost glucose and nutrition levels for travel and show stress, in the birthing process and with weak newborns, older or injured animals, and always when worming or treating with antibiotics and other medications. I had an orphaned kitten. The mom was killed in the road & she was three days lost. I brought her in, and was thinking how do I put the kitten down? Her head was down and she was so weak she couldnít lift it. I gave the kitten Nutri-Drops. She now rules the house. I sometimes think Nutri-Drops is your answer for everything. Itís hard to get a testimonial or endorsement out of me. But this product is real, it works.

Susan Fox
St. Petersburg, Florida

I want to add to my tale of success with Nutri-Drops. My Yorkie litter was premature. I lost 4 of 6 puppies prior to getting Nutri-Drops (an internet company substituted Pet Nutri-Drops with a different brand). I finally received Nutri-Drops & the difference in the puppies is unbelievable! The male weight was up 14g & the female up 11g in 3.5 hrs! That same evening the mother lost her milk! I started her on the drops as well. After only 2 doses of Nutri-Drops she began to produce milk! Now, we have happy healthy puppies AND a mom that is able to nurse naturally! THANK YOU ! I want to tell the world! THANK YOU for all the animals youíve helped!

Bill Oxford DVM, Director of Veterinary Services
The Hunte Corporation

I have always used oral nutrient supplements when working with puppies and especially with toy breed puppies. The toy breeds do not have very much nutritional reserve and can become hypoglycemic with any kind of stress such as weaning, vaccination, new housing, transport, or almost any change in their daily routine. Some supplements enter the blood stream to raise the blood glucose levels very fast but are depleted just as fast. Pet Nutri-Drops has the added benefit of carrying essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with the glucose to give a longer lasting effect. It has been my experience that puppies sometimes become dependant on a nutritional supplement and do not seem to want to return to regular food but this is not usually the case with Pet Nutri-Drops which makes the transition from crisis management back to a normal healthy diet much easier.ĒWith my experience in using Pet Nutri-Drops on puppies I can see how it would be a very valuable nutritional tool for use in many areas of veterinary medicine on all ages and types of pets.

Lora dePlante, New Ipswich NH 603-878-3795 Sept 2011

Maurice is a 32 year old mule, normally energetic, entertaining and full of himself. Early 2010 he developed swollen guttural pouch on both sides, which turned into a systemic infection. He lost a lot of weight, became lethargic had trouble chewing hay. Due to a number of things he was not diagnosed for over 9 months. It was our small animal vet who put him on very strong, expensive meds. The medication worked, swelling disappeared, bloods were normal. However, Maurice continued to fail, despite a huge amount of food and a lot of money spent on specialty products, supplements and feed to jump start his system it became clear that I was slowly losing him. He began lying flat 2 and 3 times a day, he became weak, thinner and unable to walk down the road without stopping to rest. After 2 Ĺ weeks of Nutri Drench Equine I had my independent, energetic and down right pudgy Maurice back. Actually his personality came back within hours of the first application. After that I gave him 1/5 a doze on a daily basis and am weaning him off it altogether & cutting back on feed. Make sure you include your vet about a maintenance dose. The owner and staff at ND have been a huge help so call them w/ questions.

Peggy Wittrock
Whithall, Montana

My horse won the open ID in the NBHA in Helena, also the Senior ID so I am pretty sold on Equine Nutri-Drench. I especially recommend it for older horses. After my barrel horse turned 19, his energy dropped considerably. I started giving him Equine Nutri-Drench and his energy level came back up and he started winning again.

Dr. George Baker, Ord Vet Clinic
Ord, Nebraska

Iíve used Equine Nurti-Drench for several years on debilitated horses that donít have good appetites and foals recovering from scours. Itís a good product. It helps pick them up. I use it for 3 or 4 days and I see results in that time. It has glucose for energy and multiple vitamins. Iíve used it on foals that were really weak from Spring diarrhea when they were foaled. It helps them get back on their feet.

David Nottingham DVM
Baldwin Junction Vet Clinic, Kansas

I use Equine Nutri-Drench primarily on newborns. If they get off to a slow start, it gets their energy up and they nurse better. If foals get diarrhea I use it so they have more energy and keep nursing. The vitamins and electrolytes keep their appetite stimulated. Once in awhile I use it on weanlings. When a horse has colic we pump mineral oil into their stomachs and I put Nutri-Drench into the oil. When they have colic you have to walk them. The Nutri-Drench keeps their energy level up to walk.

Linda Jay
Galena, Missouri

My neighbor purchased a bred paint, and had her in my barn. The last week of foaling she developed stress founder. We almost lost her. The vet thought he would have to put her down the day her baby was born. That same day I got Equine Nutri-Drench as a free sample at a sale. I got back and the vet was there to put the mom down. She was fixing to foal. The timing just worked out. We gave Equine Nutri-Drench to the mom and the baby shortly after birth. It helped them both to build up their strength during that critical time. We used Nutri-Drench for two weeks. The baby got over diarrhea. She is two months old and doing great! It helped the mom and hopefully she will keep going till the baby is weaned.

Sally Kling, Kís Klassic Ponies
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

We raise American Shetlands. Ponies reach their mature height as a two year old, so the first two years are very important. Our theory is keep them healthy so they donít have to be doctored. We use Equine Nutri-Drench on our foals. If they are doing poorly we give it to them as a boost or if they are running diarrhea. I go out every morning and evening. If the foals are down in the dumps, I give Nutri-Drench and by the next day, or within 12 to 24 hours they feel perky. We give it to all the ponies at weaning as an extra boost when they are stressed. We dosed a yearling before a trip to a show. We wanted him to look good. It was a six hour trip. He did really well. He wasnít stressed at all. He took it all in stride. Took second.

Bob and Judy Davidson, Sweet Meadow Minis
Torrington, Wyoming

When we get into trouble we tend to go for the Equine Nutri-Drench, no matter what else we are doing. We use it on all the colts when they are weaned, as a preventative. Any kind of stressful situation we pull it out and use it. We had a colt that wasnít doing well. I donít know if she would have made it without Equine Nutri-Drench. She was never thrifty from the day she was born until she was weaned. It was a difficult 6 to 8 months but we got her through without the vet.

Lonnie Osman, L & S Farms
Rudy, Arkansas

I was a top grower for Campbellís Soup, and now Simmons. I have 80,000 birds in 5 houses. Nutri-Drench is the only nutrition used outside the feed. It takes the stress out and I get a better feed conversion. It pays to use Nutri-Drench. It gives birds a better start. I use it twice a week for the first 3 weeks. It has electrolytes and itís better than any A, D, E vitamin Iíve used. Nutri-Drench helps the immune system so much plus it helps with shipping. I also give a dose of Nutri-Drench at least twelve hours before we vaccinate.

Mr. Yen, Taiwan Investment Group

Approximately 15 young ostriches were shipped by air from South Africa. They were extremely stressed and weak from shipping. Nutri-Drench was diluted in water and administered to them. In 30 minutes, energy was restored and they were back on feed.

William Truman II
Atlanta Poultry Show

I have less mortality and heavier birds at the end of grow out. Poultry Nutri-Drench improved my performance on the sell sheet which makes more money on the end. Made me an extra $35,000 from 1998 to 2000.

Scott William, Riverview Farm
Calhoun, Georgia

Iíve used Poultry Nutri-Drench for a couple of years. It gives me better production, yield, and return. We have a large operation, 138,000 birds. I use it from the first day up to twelve days. The first week is critical. If they get off to a good start the immune system is stronger against disease. Plus, Nutri-Drench helps with extreme heat.

Noel Thompson
Circle Hill Farms, Iowa

We raise 600,000 heavy Toms (turkeys) a year. We use Poultry Nutri-Drench on poults that come in stressed. It perks them up pretty well. We use it up to five weeks. Also use it in conjunction with Penicillin for Viral Enteritis. For the bigger turkeys with an Ecoli problem, we use it in conjunction with SDM. It sweetens their water so they wonít back off it. No doubt about it, they like the stuff.

Leslie Hudson, Hudson Poultry
Pulaski, Mississippi

We get birds the day they hatch. I use Nutri-Drench If theyíre sluggish. By the next day I see it really makes a difference. Iíve used Caro (syrup) but with the vitamin and mineral mix in Nutri-Drench, I felt it was better. We do what we can to make a stronger bird. The companies say to give a Vitamin D boost. I was buying liquid A, D, E vitamins but Nutri-Drench is A, D and E, and more, as well as molasses. I use it at two weeks to help bone strength. I compete against 214 growers and the last three years I have been number one to number four.

Bruce Sedman
Lyman, Nebraska

When chicks have trouble getting out of their shells I give a couple drops of Nutri-Drench, if I can find a beak. It gives them strength to keep trying. Out of the shell, Nutri-Drench also improves survivability for wet chicks that can't hold their head up. (ones with retained yolk sacs) Anytime we ship birds, we give Nutri-Drench as we load them. We even use it moving young birds from pen to pen because they stress so easily. Nutri-Drench works fast. Speed is important because when they start looking sick, they're right at death's door.

Columbia, Missouri

MFA veterinarians used Sheep Nutri-Drench on livestock at their own research farm and now carry the products in their 180 plus stores. Our vets found increased vigor, faster and more aggressive nursing. Additionally, there is improved response to antibiotics. Excellent responses were noted for weak lamb syndrome, particularly in the difficult early lambing season necessary to get to spring market, and with pregnancy toxemia.

Ed Duren, Animal Scientist, University of Idaho

I've used propylene glycol for years on sheep. It gives them quick energy but we didn't have the mineral and vitamin mix with it. There's no doubt I've saved more sheep since I started using Nutri-Drench. Originally, I would use it if a lamb was chilled or didnít get up to suck or I had to pull him for delivery. Now, even with a healthy lamb, I give him 2 pumps. It gets them started quicker. Within the first 15 - 30 minutes after birth, blood sugar drops as much as 50%. Compound that with extreme cold if they are born outside and wet. If they don't suck during the first few hours, they can go into hypoglycemic shock and die. The sooner they are suckled, the better. So I give them Nutri-Drench for a boost.

David Sewald, Ft Collins, CO

Sheep Nutri-Drench is now my product of choice for stimulating appetite in ketotic ewes. In most cases, I see response within 4 hours.

Jerry Gray
Bozeman, Montana

My weak lambs are up and nursing within 30 minutes.

Michael Beyer
Sidney, Nebraska

As a producer, I've witnessed weak lambs up and nursing within 30 minutes after Sheep Nutri-Drench.

Lindsey & Sons
Newell, South Dakota

Lambs down with white muscle disease are clinically normal in 24 hours.

Roger Luehrs, DVM
Sidney, Nebraska

Sheep Nutri-Drench is very effective increasing my success in treating sick and surgical lambs.

Joan Coker
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

The minute lambs are born, we give them a dose. If we have triplets, it really gives them energy to get up and going. I also use it for scours and lambs off feed. We had an older ewe off feed and the vet had no hope for her. We gave her 35 cc of Nutri-Drench morning and night for 9 days. Her ruman had stopped working. Nutri-Drench got energy into her and she started up. She gave birth to twins 3 or 4 times after that.

Martha Phillips, Bloomfield, IN

I bottle feed all newborn kids. One will lay down, almost dead. I give them 2 or 3 pumps of Goat Nutri-Drench and within 30 minutes, they're on their feet looking for a bottle. We kid in January & February and I give all newborns 2 pumps as soon as I dry them off, for a boost. I'm sold on it. I won't be without it because kids can go down so fast & Nutri-Drench gets 'em moving, jumping off the walls. I also credit Nutri-Drench for keeping a doe with severe coccidiosis living long enough to get to the vet.

Carolyn Whitehead, T4 Ranch
Sonora, Texas

We are pioneers in the Boer goat industry. We had the first baby born out of quarantine in North America in 1993. Nutri-Drench helped me a lot in the first Boer goat years. The first babies were so important. From that generation sprung our breeding stock. I used Nutri-Drench to get kids to nurse. Kids need colostrums within 18 hours. The first 7 - 10 days is everything. If they get past 10 days, they'll make it. We had trouble with babies not having enough get up and go. I used Nutri-Drench on my babies the minute they were born and for several days. It's wonderful. After Nutri-Drench, weak newborns are usually up in 10 - 15 minutes. If they're not up in 2 hours, something else is wrong. Nutri-Drench gives enough energy and boosts the immune system just enough. If you give it to the nanny, it turbo-charges her system to help her with kidding. It has everything you need to boost the immune system.

Joan Coker
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Goat Nutri-Drench gets newborns going fast. I'll give a second dose 8 to 10 hours later or at the next feeding or if I see scouring. It stops scouring right away. When does go off feed, I give them Nutri-Drench and by next feeding, they start to nibble or are completely back on feed. Never have to give Nutri-Drench more than twice. I use Nutri-Drench at shows to get the winning edge. I give it on arrival and before entering the show ring. I never have a goat go off feed or scour and they have a perky attitude.

Patricia Dickey, Northern Illinois Dairy Goat Association, Genoa, IL

I had a doe deliver 3 kids. The last one was so weak he couldn't hold his head up & wouldn't even try to suck. I tried Goat Nutri-Drench and in 5 minutes, his head was up and in 10 minutes he was drinking and was as lively as his sisters. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

Cindy Lee, Nelson, Brownwood, TX

I have boers and boer-crosses. On several occasions, I found newborn kids stretched out, barely breathing and what my grandpa, Pappy Clyde, would have called dead. After a dose of Nutri-Drench, 2 hours later, those kids were up and nursing. Also, it works great on does that have stressed from kidding, gotten off feed and looking for a place to lay down and die. One good dose and in a couple of hours---they're up, eating and letting the kids nurse. Obviously, I'm an avid fan of Nutri-Drench and canít say enough good things about it.

Linda Stacy, Glen Rose, TX

I had a doe give birth to triplets on a cactus plant. They all appeared fine for the first two days. Then one developed a limp, he was weak because he couldnít compete for milk. He had stickers broken on his hip joint. I gave him a dose of Nutri-Drench. The other two kids developed scours from too much milk. I also gave them a dose of Nutri-Drench. The triplets all survived. I believe at least a couple of kids would have died without Nutri-Drench. I believe that this product should be one to always have on hand.

Arno Matthews, Blue Earth, MN

Swine Nutri-Drench has been used in our farrowing unit in excess of 2000 pigs. I am convinced I have increased pigs saved by 2.5 pigs per litter (from 8 pigs average to over 10.5 weaned per sow). I am very satisfied with Nutri?Drench and highly recommend it.

Don Davis, Sidney, NE

Swine Nutri-Drench has been used in our unit for 9 months and we are saving 95% of the young pigs that start to fade. It has also proven very effective in getting problem pigs started in the nursery.

Judy Hartman, Cumberland, IA

Newborn pigs nurse more aggressively and get going quicker.

Bruce Modreske, Canton, OH

We increased our survival rate of 1.5 to 1.75 pound pigs by 50% to 60%.

Tim Huber, Hoven, SD

Swine Nutri-Drench increases survivability....gets runts off to a good start.

Beth Sheckler, Wausau, NE

Our 21 day weaning weight average increased by .67 lbs.

Milton Green DVM, Gering, NE

Feed and supplement ingredients have varying time lags from ingestion to digestion and utilization, usually 10-16 hrs. Nutri-Drench is unique in that it can be measured in the bloodstream in 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, 50% is utilized. Nutri-Drench is a good investment in supportive nutrition to improve treatment response, reduce hospital time, expense and reduce death loss.

Rich Harlow Lafayette, IN

I had a new gilt and was nervous that she might eat her pigs. As each piglet was delivered, I gave them 2 pumps of Nutri-Drench and put them in a box. Later, I came back and was horrified to see the box knocked over. There were 9 pigs and I only found 8. I looked all day and figured the pig was gone for good. Two days later, I found the last little pig. There was no way she had ever nursed and the only thing she had ever gotten as far as nutrition was Swine Nutri-Drench. I believe she wouldn't have lasted without it. She made market weight in the same amount of time as her littermates.

Arnold Boller, Grundy Center, IA

I manage a 400 sow farrow-to-feeder operation. Iím always looking for ways to save smaller, weak pigs. Nutri-Drench is the first product that you can really see the difference in short time. Nutri-Drench does not require digestion so nutrients absorb directly to the bloodstream. I see renewed vigor as fast as 30 minutes.

Renee Martin, Celebrity Cavies, MI

Thank you so much for developing the Rabbit Nutri-Drops! I raise Cavies (guinea pigs) and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. I started using Nutri-Drops to help with toxemia problems,to jump start newborns, and to strengthen the immune systems in older animals. When treating with antibiotics I use Nutri-Drops also. They are really responding to these better than anything I have ever tried. I also use them for traveling to shows to keep them on feed.

Cindy Pail, Sarasota FL

Pat (, I wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the use of the Nurti-Drops! I have saved the lives of many bunnies and even a newborn cavy with this product. It is literally a life saver. It works on newborns that miss feedings, rabbits that get heat stroke and bunnies with enteritis or rabbits that go off feed from stress. A great product!!!

Becky Brim, Stone Hill Rabbitry, Bartlesville, OK

I am so impressed with how wonderful this product is - it's like a miracle cure for my little Hollands and my son's Mini Satins. I first heard of Nutri-Drops at a Convention in San Diego. I had a doe that had went off feed in the barn while I was gone. She was at that stage of grinding teeth and feeling like a bag of nothing but bones. I grabbed my Nutri-Drops and gave her a dose. I fully expected her to be dead the next day, but she wasn't. She had drank a little water. I gave her another dose. That afternoon she had drank a lot more water and ate all of her hay and some of her grain. Gave her one more dose that evening and since then she has made a complete recovery. She is one of 4 bunnies that I can truly say that I fully believe if it had not been for Nutri-Drops, I would have lost them. I have never seen anything work as well on bunnies that go off feed and water. I must say for me it is a "Miracle Cure" that I don't mind recommending to all my bunny buddies!

Timothy Chan (Tru-Luv Rabbitry), Malaysia

Importing rabbits can be a very expensive venture here in Malaysia and I suffered a great loss a couple of years ago when I lost my imported herd buck to G.I. Stasis. Today, I only wish I have a bottle of Rabbit Nutri-Drops back then. Losing my herd buck prompted me to embark on a search for a rabbit life saver. Lo and behold, I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops and since then, it has not only helped me save my rabbits in time of need but also helped fellow rabbit owners save their rabbits as well. Although there are no guarantees and it really depends on the rabbitís condition, I have had many successes reviving rabbits that are suffering and showing symptoms of G.I. Stasis. Rabbit Nutri-Drops give the rabbits a second chance to live by increasing their energy and hydration. With energy to bounce back, it usually takes only two doses, 8 hours apart to have the rabbits start eating and drinking again. Though the occurrence of G.I. Stasis has reduced tremendously in my herd of rabbits, I still use and recommend Rabbit Nutri-Drops as THE supplement for rabbits. My emergency kit will never run out of supplies of Rabbit Nutri-Drops since I am a strong believer of being prepared for the worst and I can count on Rabbit Nutri-Drops to deliver!

Julie, Malaysia

We usually bring our pet bunny Lux back to our hometown during festives season. During these stressful traveling which usually stretches up to 5 hours, Lux will stop relieving herself. Whenever we reach our destination, Lux will lose her appetite and usually stop eating and drinking. After giving a dose of Rabbit Nutri-Drops, Lux will return to her usual self. We are really grateful for Rabbit Nutri-Drops, else she would be an ill bunny each time we travel.

Siti Salmah, Malaysia

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my bunniesí progress. My bunnies ingested some detergent powder by accident and I almost lost them as they stopped eating and drinking. Thanks to you and Rabbit Nutri-Drops, they now healthy, chubby and enjoy hoping around their room.

Mr. Tan, Malaysia

Just to share with you, I think my Chester is gain his appetite back. I just put 1 or 2 drops of Rabbit Nutri-Drops in his drinking bowl. Thanks again for your help.

Anonymous, Malaysia

Rabbit Nutri-Drops helped in increasing energy when my rabbits go off feed and after a bout of diarrhea.

Karen Tewart, Ligonier, PA

I have never had a sick or dead chick when raised with Poultry Nutri-Drench in their water for the 1st 2-3 weeks of life. I raised 42 large fowl Light Sussex show prospects using the Poultry Nutri-Drench. No sickness, pasty butt, diarrhea, sudden death. Just robust chicks and happy buyers. I am on one of the huge poultry forums consistently advising new chick owners to get their Nutri-Drench! Itís so great for jumpstarting those travel-stressed shipped chicks!

Michael Histon, New Windsor, MD

Here at Shepherds Manor Creamery we think that Sheep Nutri-Drench is as good as gold. We have saved more lambs that were very weak after birth than any other product. Every one of our birth areas always has a bottle in the birthing kit. We also keep one in the aid jump kit for the larger sheep. Itís the BEST.

Al Esterline, South Whitley, IN

Going to the San Diego show, for the first time I administered Rabbit Nutri-Drops before, during and after travel and if needed, during the show. I had my best show. I spread the word among all the people who buy rabbits from me about Rabbit Nutri-Drops. When a doe went off feed, we treated her twice a day. It kept her in really good condition. We didnít show until Tuesday (after arriving Sunday) and she won second place. You just canít have them go off feed. Used to be you had to put them in a back pen and say youíre done for the show. It took so much to bring them back.

Kim Shaffer, Veterinary Technician, Columbia City, IN

I have Red New Zealands & Polish. The Reds took 2 years to put together so everything I get, I really need to save. I came across Nutri-Drench for swine & poultry years ago. They helped make my daughter a 4H champion.

To get a vet to work with, treat, or diagnose rabbits is rare. Mostly you are working with experimentation and word of mouth. Before I used Karo syrup to raise the blood sugar. Then I heard about Nutri-Drops. It raises the blood sugar but itís giving vitamins and minerals to give them a boost. For travel I recommend doses of Rabbit Nutri-Drops about 5 or 6 days before leaving & then use it while out there.

DR. NANCY TRAMMELL, Research Biologist, Cumming, GA

I have 35 years experience in breeding and animal husbandry. If you are going to own rabbits there is one product you must have, Rabbit Nutri-Drops. No animal lover should be without it.

I am a firm believer in using it, especially at shows. Iíve had rabbits brought to me on two occasions that were all but dead. One with its head arched back was in death convulsions. The lady who brought it to me was in tears. We held it down and put a little Nutri-Drops in the mouth to be absorbed by mouth tissue and within 30 minutes that rabbit was up and eating and drinking. I wouldnít have believed it if I hadnít seen it.

Nutri-Drops is un-rivaled in rescuing animals in any time of stress Ė not just when theyíve gone off food and water. We know that the trans-tissue absorption through mouth, throat and stomach walls provides delivery that bypasses the digestive tract and acts as a non-invasive I.V. Sending nutrients straight into the bloodstream gives an immediate boost to their system, jump-starting their digestive process and promotes their return to a normal appetite. Itís important to know that Nutri-Drops is my first ďadditive of choiceĒ in many (some would accuse me of Ďallí) circumstances.

I recommend you use Nutri-Drops to boost glucose and nutrition levels for travel and show stress, in the birthing process and with weak kits, older or injured animals, and always when worming or treating with antibiotics and other medications. The glucose gives them instant energy and provides the fuel for their bodies to continue to produce oxygen-carrying blood cells. The vitamins and minerals are necessary nutritional components required to nourish and sustain their bodies. The amino acids are required for proper assimilation of those nutrients and provide for an adequate energy base for the rabbit to thrive. When an animal is under stress, it needs immediate relief to prevent an interruption in nutritional flow. Because of their small body mass, rabbits just canít sustain a prolonged fast. (Prolonged for a rabbit is about 12 hours.) A breeder had been on road four days and realized by the fifth day that this rabbit hadnít eaten. The gut was completely empty. There were no droppings in the litter. She was trying various treats to tempt the rabbit. To no avail. We said get Nutri-Drops, she got the product and administered the dosage. The rabbit made an almost immediate recovery and completed the convention in good form.

There was a breeder in GA who had an emergency trip out of town. When he returned after 2 days, he found a nursing doe, hanging half out of the nest box. She was terribly dehydrated, the Kits in the box were wrinkled with dehydration. I rushed over and in the 35 minutes it took me to get there, one bunny had died. I treated the doe first and then put half drop in each kitís mouth. The doe recovered very well and all of the babies survived. The runt of the litter placed fourth out of 11 at a rabbit show this spring.

Use Nutri-Drops EVERY time you worm or medicate rabbits. The taste and sometimes the internal action of the medical treatment will cause a rabbit to avoid food and water for hours. The Nutri-Drops will instantly deliver a nutritional boost to keep them in the best physical form possible. When a rabbit is placed on the show table it is being exposed to every parasite, bacterium, virus, etc. carried by every rabbit ever placed on that table. After every show you need to worm and treat lightly for Coccidiosis. ALWAYS give a dose of Nutri-drops as a part of your treatment regimen.

I believe in Rabbit Nutri-Drops. Itís hard to get a testimonial or endorsement out of me. But this product is real, it works.

Lorraine Pierre, Lehighton, PA

I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops at one of the shows I attended. Recently my rabbit was neutered and he did not bounce back after surgery. He was very mushy so I gave him a syringe of Nutri-Drops. He perked up so fast!! Iím going to tell my vet to stock it. Iím also sending some to a rabbit rescue.

Christina Penton, Haymarket, VA

The vets could not identify why my Polish chickens were weak and ill. They discredited my use of this supplement but it was the only thing that brought them around. To my frustration, they had nothing else to offer. The chickens rebounded quickly and after a few hours to two days on Nutri-Drench , depending on the bird, they were back to normal. After all medical tests returned negative, the vets think that heat stress caused a decline in their calorie intake and the birds' systems were starting to shut down. Nutri-Drench saved my birds when the doctors could not. It got them through the heat wave when fans and ice did not. I will never be without it!

Rheanna, Hallasville, TX

I wanted to write & let you know how pleased I am with Nutri-Drench. I canít tell you how many lives have been saved, especially weak chicks. Itís difficult to figure out dosage for a small newborn chick but I put Nutri-Drench on a q-tip, dip the q-tip in water & administer the Nutri-Drench. Iíve saved so many chicks this way, ones that were on deaths doorstep. Every time I give Nutri-Drench the chick perks up within the hour. Just this morning I had a chick that had a rough hatch, she was the last egg to hatch & I found her cold in the nest, unable to hold her head up, her eyes open or stand. Now sheís holding her head up & pecking. None of my chicks have died, they all thrive. PLEASE never stop making this product. Itís a life-saver. People usually only email to complain but this is such a great product, I feel compelled to write & compliment.

Steve Harris, Southern Goat Producers Association

I can confirm & greatly affirm that everything claimed about Nutri-Drench is true! Goat Nutri-Drench is like flipping on a switch to change from dark to light. It makes a difference between dull & vigorous, near death & life, down & up to perky. This week I treated an almost downed 16 weeks young kid for worms & coccidiosis. I drenched her with Nutri-Drench for 2 days after treatment. This morning she was not only up but out foraging & then trotting to feed after her siblings.

Terri Shum sky, Paso Robles, CA AKC Judge & Author of 'How To Buy And Raise Your Toy Dog'

I have Yorkshire Terriers. All that needs to be said about Pet Nutri-Drops is many times Iíve seen it bring back strength and color on hypoglycemic tiny pups and give strength to newborns to nurse properly. Thatís why itís so important to always have on hand. I especially recommend it for the very tiny toy dogs. I use it on weak newborns, pregnant moms or any dog thatís not keeping weight on. Itís also good for sick dogs or dogs recovering from debilitating disease, keeping their energy up.

Vera Sheldon, Jeni-Lane Kennels
Melvindale, Michigan

All toy owners need to know about this. I raise Yorkshire Terriers. Iíve had weak puppies, unable to nurse and lifeless. I wipe the inside of their mouth with Pet Nutri-Drops and they respond almost immediately. At shows, I have it in my tack box. Itís great when you have a long showing day, not to mention the great job it does with low sugar and other stress conditions like survival of newborns, whelping problems, stress from competition, transporting. Iíve see it stimulate appetite in minutes, or a limp hypoglycemic puppy start to play actively in just minutes. It works almost instantly and doesnít cause diarrhea or cramping. Iím never without it.

Mary Jane Richy, Indiana

My 7 yr old Chi was misdiagnosed with a disk problem and given prednizone. As it turned out, she had an infection. Prednizone made her feel better but compromised her immune system and infection went rampant. She had several abscesses over her body & was on 3 strongest antibiotics but nothing worked. Fever was at 104 for days & we fed her by syringe every couple of hours. She could hardly move & we decided to put her down. I found an unopened bottle of Pet Nutri-Drops. They were old & I wasnít sure I should use them but figured they couldnít hurt. I administered Pet Nutri-Drops Saturday morning & by Sunday night, she was eating & drinking on her own. By next Sunday, fever was gone & antibiotics began to work. Infections were gone. It may take time to get all her strength back but if an unopened bottle of 5 yr old Pet Nutri-Drops can do that, I canít imagine what a new one will do. I will never be without a fresh supply ever again.

Vera Sheldon, Jeni-Lane Kennels, Melvindale, Michigan Am/Can Ch. Jeni-Laneís Cookie-Monster-Too & Ch. Starfire Memory-To-Jeni-Laneís

All toy owners need to know about this. I raise Yorkshire Terriers. Iíve had weak puppies, unable to nurse and lifeless. I wipe the inside of their mouth with Pet Nutri-Drops and they respond almost immediately. At shows, I have it in my tack box. Itís great when you have a long showing day, not to mention the great job it does with low sugar and other stress conditions like survival of newborns, whelping problems, stress from competition, transporting. Iíve see it stimulate appetite in minutes, or a limp hypoglycemic puppy start to play actively in just minutes. It works almost instantly and doesnít cause diarrhea or cramping. Iím never without it.

Jim Rini Sr., Florida 813-817-0813

I was fortunate to have been involved in the testing of NUTI-DROPS with BovLaboratories over the last year or so. This product "really works". For over 40 years Iíve tried many different products, and Pigeon Nutri-Drops "blows all the others away.

Sergio DeAlmeida Sr & Jr New Jersey

We have witnessed the fantastic results of Nutri-Drops in both conditioning and the health of our jacobins and others pigeons also. Nutri-Drops has helped the vitality and fertilization in our loft also. We would recommend for anyone looking to better their pigeons health,conditioning and fertilization start using Nutri-Drops immediately.

Bruce Rosen, Florida

Thank you so much for allowing me to try Nutri-Drops on my Racing Birds. Iíve never seen such improvement as Iíve seen with this product! When I walk into my lofts, I notice a big difference in the birdsí appearance (more sheen than I have ever seen). The birds are stronger and have more endurance in their racing. Also, since they have been on Nutri-Drops, it has been my best year of breeding.

Melissa Ferrell, Ferrell Lofts, California

I recieved a sample bottle of Nutri Drops and stared using it on my Jacobins right away. I placed half the birds on it and the other half without to see what it would do. After the second week the birds on the Nutri Drops seemed to be in better shape. The feather has more sheen and better texture, feet are darker, and they seem more lively. I placed Governor Arnold on Nurti Drops starting with a few drops into his beak for a couple days and after 2 weeks the old guy starting talking to a hen again. I plan on putting all my Jacs on Nutri Drops.

Jim Rini Sr.

Iíve been raising English Trumpeters for about ten years and have been satisfied with both my preventative care as well as my vitamin and mineral regimen. I also use West of England Tumblers as feeders and firmly believe that whatever my breeders get, so do my feeders. Letís face it, theyíre the ones feeding the babies so short cuts for them means the babies donít get everything I want them to have. Several months ago my father told me about Nutri-Drops. At first I was very skeptical because I have heard about so many different products from many different people over the years and each one of them is supposed to be the ďbest thing everĒ but never seem to be what they claim. I finally decided to give it a try. To be honest, I didnít expect much, but what could it hurt? No exaggeration, the next day I could not believe how much livelier the birds appeared. After three days their eyes were crisp, the ceres were a rich color that I had not seen and even the color in their legs had a rich red tone to it. The overall energy level in the loft was greatly increased. While the Trumpeters are not big fliers the WESTís are and they were bouncing from box to perch and back again. After about a month I even had two old hens that had not layed all year finally produce eggs and one pair that I had high hopes for in January finally gave me their first fertile set of the year. I cannot say with 100% certainty that the Nutri-Drops are to be credited for all of this but if it was some type of coincidence itís the kind that Iíll hope for every time I put it in their water.

Francis D. Hilario, Frandelhiís Flyers Aviary, Pennsylvania

Iíve been a breeder and exhibitor for more than half my life and the number of medications and vitamin supplements Iíve tried is truly staggering. Iíve had many different kinds in my aviary/and loft. They not only take up space but what is best for one bird is different for another so Iíve tried one medication/supplement after another. Then a good friend recommended I try Pigeon Nutri-Drops. I had some Jacobins spending most of their time sitting at the bottom of the loft (although I have wooden perches for them to hang out individually). Seeing them like that really frustrates, but two weeks after using that drop (you are reading it right Ė drop and I mean drops per gallon of water), I see changes in my Jacobins. I see them flying around and being able to perch. I made a conclusion then that the drop gave them energy. It also did well at breeding time compared to my previous years. After testing on my Jacobins, I tried it with my Racing Homers Ė wow and a double wow Ė those flying homers really loved to fly around the loft Ė extra energy from that drop truly made a difference. After the Jacobins and the Flying Homers, I couldnít forget my Cockatiels (I breed and show cockatiels). In my 12+ years of breeding cockatiels, Iíve never seen them so active and fertile. I really had a good breeding season because of that drop. In my own personal experience, this drop really made a big difference in my Aviary/Loft. To my good friendÖ. I give you my word as a Breeder and Exhibitor - Thank you very much for introducing me to PIGEON NUTRI-DROPSÖ.. the drop does an amazing job. I donít worry about purchasing other medication/supplements. Not only do I save money and space in my medicine cabinet, I get more time to enjoy my birds. They are all healthy and at their best. NUTRIĖDROPSÖ. thank you for dropping by.

Ali Amiri

I can't believe how special this product is. I have few birds with many dead feathers. They got all new feathers now after 2 month of using nutri drops.

Jeff Butler

I had a bird that was looking a bit dumpy on the morning of a show. We were about 30-45 minutes before that class would be judged. I have Nutri-drops pre mixed and give it to them in their water at the shows. We all know some birds don't seem to drink well at the shows. I took a syringe with a 6 inch length of plastic tubing (like used for an aquarium) I filled it and squirted it down the birds throat. Within 30 minutes that dumpy bird was again lively. It won it's color class of many birds and went on to take 3rd reserve champ out of 300 plus birds. I have used nutri drops for just over a year and will continue to do so.

John Boyle

My foundation cock went infertile two years ago. Not a single fertile egg until I contacted John Boyle and tried Nutri-Drops. What a difference! The old cock sired 14 youngsters this year. I couldn't be happier. Thanks John. Terry Ashby Eden Lofts Inkom, Idaho