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NUTRI-DRENCH® | NUTRI-DROPS® are a premium, nutrient rich supplement designed to rapidly deliver energy and essential nutrients to animals that are stressed or off feed, with no digestion required.  The unique manufacturing process was granted the first ever U.S. patents for speed of nutrient availability, and remains exclusive to BoviDr Laboratories.

Nutri drench saved my chickens life after a rooster attack. Nine days my chicken did not eat or drink by her self. On day 2 I knew I had to give her something or she would die. I gave her Nutri Drench with a syringe until she was eating a little bit on her own. She would have died without this great product. This is a product I will always have on hand, Thank you

Erin Johnson, Farmer

I’ve just got to say, you have made my 4 year old daughter so happy tonight. Without your Sheep Nutri-Drench my baby’s pet lamb would have died tonight. We are guessing it was a combination on thing, including low blood sugar, but within 2 to 3 minutes of giving her Nutri-Drench she went from full blown posturing to holding up her own head and trying to stand. After another half hour and another dose we got her to drink some milk replacer and she’s currently alive and asleep in our laundry room. While we raise livestock, this lamb is my daughter’s pet, and will be raised as a pet and not food. My daughter is over the moon and in tears that we saved her baby and for that. I’m extremely, extremely greatful.

Kristann Nelson, Rancher

All toy owners need to know about this. I raise Yorkshire Terriers. I’ve had weak puppies, unable to nurse and lifeless. I wipe the inside of their mouth with Pet Nutri-Drops and they respond almost immediately. At shows, I have it in my tack box. It’s great when you have a long showing day, not to mention the great job it does with low sugar and other stress conditions like survival of newborns, whelping problems, stress from competition, transporting. I’ve see it stimulate appetite in minutes, or a limp hypoglycemic puppy start to play actively in just minutes. It works almost instantly and doesn’t cause diarrhea or cramping. I’m never without it.

Vera Sheldon, Jeni-Lane Kennels

My 7 yr old Chi was misdiagnosed with a disk problem and given prednisone. As it turned out, she had an infection. Prednisone made her feel better but compromised her immune system and infection went rampant. She had several abscesses over her body & was on 3 strongest antibiotics but nothing worked. Fever was at 104 for days & we fed her by syringe every couple of hours. She could hardly move & we decided to put her down. I found an unopened bottle of Pet Nutri-Drops. They were old & I wasn’t sure I should use them but figured they couldn’t hurt. I administered Pet Nutri-Drops Saturday morning & by Sunday night, she was eating & drinking on her own. By next Sunday, fever was gone & antibiotics began to work. Infections were gone. It may take time to get all her strength back but if an unopened bottle of 5 yr old Pet Nutri-Drops can do that, I can’t imagine what a new one will do. I will never be without a fresh supply ever again.

Mary Jane Richy

I have Yorkshire Terriers. All that needs to be said about Pet Nutri-Drops is many times I’ve seen it bring back strength and color on hypoglycemic tiny pups and give strength to newborns to nurse properly. That’s why it’s so important to always have on hand. I especially recommend it for the very tiny toy dogs. I use it on weak newborns, pregnant moms or any dog that’s not keeping weight on. It’s also good for sick dogs or dogs recovering from debilitating disease, keeping their energy up.

Terri Shum Sky, Paso Robles, CA AKC Judge

I can confirm & greatly affirm that everything claimed about Nutri-Drench is true! Goat Nutri-Drench is like flipping on a switch to change from dark to light. It makes a difference between dull & vigorous, near death & life, down & up too perky.  This week I treated an almost downed 16 weeks young kid for worms & coccidiosis. I drenched her with Nutri-Drench for 2 days after treatment. This morning she was not only up but out foraging & then trotting to feed after her siblings.

Steve Harris, Southern Goat Producers Association

I wanted to write & let you know how pleased I am with Nutri-Drench. I can’t tell you how many lives have been saved, especially weak chicks. It’s difficult to figure out dosage for a small newborn chick but I put Nutri-Drench on a q-tip, dip the q-tip in water & administer the Nutri-Drench. I’ve saved so many chicks this way, ones that were on deaths doorstep. Every time I give Nutri-Drench the chick perks up within the hour. Just this morning I had a chick that had a rough hatch, she was the last egg to hatch & I found her cold in the nest, unable to hold her head up, her eyes open or stand. Now she’s holding her head up & pecking. None of my chicks have died, they all thrive. PLEASE never stop making this product. It’s a life-saver. People usually only email to complain but this is such a great product, I feel compelled to write & compliment.

Rheanna, Hallasville, TX

The vets could not identify why my Polish chickens were weak and ill. They discredited my use of this supplement but it was the only thing that brought them around. To my frustration, they had nothing else to offer. The chickens rebounded quickly and after a few hours to two days on Nutri-Drench , depending on the bird, they were back to normal. After all medical tests returned negative, the vets think that heat stress caused a decline in their calorie intake and the birds’ systems were starting to shut down. Nutri-Drench saved my birds when the doctors could not. It got them through the heat wave when fans and ice did not. I will never be without it!

Christina Penton, Haymarket, VA

I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops at one of the shows I attended. Recently my rabbit was neutered and he did not bounce back after surgery. He was very mushy so I gave him a syringe of Nutri-Drops. He perked up so fast!! I’m going to tell my vet to stock it. I’m also sending some to a rabbit rescue.

Lorraine Pierre, Lehighton, PA

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