Equine Nutri-Drench Quart

Equine Nutri-Drench™

Superior, nutrient rich, high energy support.
No Digestion Required – Immediate Nutrient Balance Delivers all vital nutrients to restore the immune system in minutes!

In the high-stress world of race, show and competi- tion, your horse needs the added benefits of a superior, nutritional supplement that works fast. Here it is. Nutri-Drench is specially formulated for:

  • Horses Off Feed
  • Show Ring Stress
  • Transport Stress
  • Illness
  • Scours
  • Race
  • Show & Competition Horses
  • Energizes weak newborns
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Corrects diarrhea
  • Maximizes antibiotic/vaccine response
  • Balances immune system
  • Quick energy for show.

Transport and change of environment create excitement and stress. Nothing is more important than correcting nutritional balance and getting back on feed fast. Horses off feed not only suffer weight loss, but need energy fast to recover and perform at their best.

Nutri-Drench contains powerful antioxidants that limit cellular damage following extreme exertion. Nutri-Drench also contains ingredients that reduce the oxygen requirement for horses. Therefore, high performance horses may be used more frequently.

Finally, results you can see! Field tests prove that Nutri-Drench is in the bloodstream in minutes. Ordinary feed and supplements require 10-16 hours for digestion and absorption.

Supplies the right nutrients, in the right balance, at the right time.

Oral Administration:

1 fl. oz. (30 cc) per 100 lbs. body weight.

May be repeated at 12 hour intervals


propylene glycol, molasses products, calcium carbonate, choline chloride, DL-methionine, l-lysine, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin D-3 supplement, thiamine, niacin, zinc sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydroiodide, magne- sium sulfate, manganese sulfate, iron sulfate, sodium selenite, cobalt sulfate

I treated 10 head of high producing dairy cows, with ketosis for one week without any success using standard accepted therapeutics such as IV glucose, dexamethasone, choline, thiamine, chelated electrolytes and Lifeguard. These cows may have had the complication of early stages of fat cow syndrome. After one treatment of Nutri-Drench, half of these cows tested negative to urine ketones. The remainder tested negative after the second treatment. One cow, with the nervous form of ketosis, was clinically normal in less than 4 hours. My standard treatment for ketosis is 1 pint Nutri-Drench for two consecutive treatments. I get excellent response. It’s all I use. I think it’s the combination of everything in it. It’s not a single ingredient like propylene glycols. If an animal is not metabolizing, Nutri-Drench adds vitamin and mineral packages on top of that. Another reason its so effective is the directness of Nutri-Drench. It’s absorbed through the stomach wall. Older treatments need bacterial metabolism to get away from the gut. If the cows don’t respond to Nutri-Drench after a couple of days, something else is wrong.

Larry Mackey DVM, Greeley, CO

I use Nutri-Drench on any cows off feed or going through a stress period, for digestive disorders, with other medications for high fever plus before and after surgery. This is a formula that does it better.

Bob Darlington, DVM, Snohomish, WA

We use Nutri-Drench on baby calves in spring and if we have sick calves in fall. Also when get pneumonia or chilled. I recommend it.

Don Robinson, Lazy JD Cattle Co, Zortman, MT

We had one calf with pneumonia and scours after a blizzard. We used antibiotics LA200 and electrolytes. He was not reacting to anything. We dosed him with Nutri-Drench and he took right off. Now we give it to all the calves who look down and it works really good. They don’t come down with anything.

Don Gruble, Bear Butte Valley Charolais, Sturgis, SD

MFA veterinarians used Nutri-Drench on livestock on our own research farm and now carry the products in our 180 plus stores. MFA vets were pleased to find increased vigor, faster and more aggressive nursing in animals given Nutri-Drench. Additionally, there was improved response to antibiotics. Nutri-Drench made us “believers” after administration to sick and bottled calves. And, after treating 160 calves at birth, we believe they showed increased size.

MFA, INC., Columbia, MO

Nutri-Drench is a good investment in supportive nutrition to improve treatment response, reduce hospital time, expense and reduce death loss.

Milton Green, DVM, Gering, NE

I have used Nutri-Drench for some time and am very pleased. Nutri-Drench performs exactly as it claims. I also have several dairymen using the product and they are pleased with the fast results and sales are increasing daily at an impressive rate.

Ben Frederick DVM, Lander Vet Clinic, Turlock, CA

I first came in contact with Nutri-Drench as a veterinarian assistant. I’ve seen Holstein cows that were down get up again. Ketosis is about the worst thing on Holsteins, they just die from it. Nutri-Drench is the only thing that will work.

Bruce Sedman, Lyman, NE

I visited a medium sized Dairy Farm in Greeley to use the farm as a backdrop to film an advertisement. When we arrived at the farm I found two dead newborn dairy cows (2 days old) lying on the ground. They had already had their stomachs cut open and laid under the sun for sanitation purposes. These baby cows were going to be transported to Colorado State University in Fort Collins for research on why they died. Then I saw a baby cow that was very ill, lying on the ground panting also newborn (2-3 days old). The farm veterinarian predicted that the baby cow would die tonight. Due to the cows condition I offered to try Nutri-Drench on the baby cow. After 45 minutes the baby cow could stand up, but still looked weak. Out of curiosity I called the farm back after 1 and 2 weeks to see if the cow was still alive, and it was.

Stephen Lee , Greeley, Colorado

I had a little calf that was down and could not get up. I gave 1 oz of Beef Nutri-Drench to the calf in the morning and 1 oz at night. The next day I checked to see if he had died. He was up trying to get to the cow. What a surprise that was! This is number 2 that I’ve gotten back to life with this product. This is the best thing that’s ever happened. It gives a burst of life soon after you give it. Nutri-Drench saved two-for-two. That’s proof enough for me. Thank you very much.

Butch Boerjan, Mt. Burg, AR
Nutri-Drench is the most measurable product in terms of efficacy after administration I have ever had the opportunity to sell.  That’s the perception of the customer.  Repeat business is probably 95% each year.  If they used it last season, it’s one of the first things they ask for this year because it is so measurable.
Marlin McCaffree, Lextron Animal Health, Montana Division

Sometimes customers object to the initial price of Nutri-Drench but once they use it, they’re hooked. One customer told me it’s the closest thing to a miracle that he ever saw. Nutri-Drench seems to work better than Dextrose on ketosis. The local veterinarian even recommends using it.

Alan Clark, Animal Medic, Manchester, PA