Rabbit Nutri drops

Rabbit Nutri-Drops™

Liquid energy, vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement.

Rabbit Nutri-Drops is specifically formulated for all rabbits. Our approach to promote overall health is to boost the immune system Fast!  Nutri-Drops shunts directly to the bloodstream eliminating the hours needed for digestion.  Nutri-Drops can be measured in the bloodstream in minutes, 50% uptake in 30 minutes with 99% utilization.

  • Energizes weak newborns
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Corrects diarrhea
  • Maximizes antibiotic/vaccine response
  • Balances immune system
  • Quick energy for show.

Get off to a stronger faster start!  Contains only natural nutritional ingredients. 


NUTRI-DRENCH® is a premium, nutrient rich supplement designed to rapidly deliver energy and essential nutrients to rabbits and cavies that are stressed or not eating well, with no digestion required. The unique manufacturing process was granted the first ever U.S. patents for speed of nutrient availability, and remains exclusive to BoviDr Laboratories.


  • Rich source of 14 essential vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids lysine and methionine.
  • Provides rapid energy that does not require digestion, helping to quickly correct low blood glucose levels.
  • Measurable in the bloodstream within 10 minutes. 50% absorption within 30 minutes.99% utilization.
  • Backed by 20 years of research and field trials, and two U.S. patents.
  • Safeandnon-medicated.
    For rapid response, feed undiluted directly by mouth, 1 mL (cc) per 3 pounds of body weight, a maximum of once every 8 hours, as needed. For show animals or those being shipped, give on arrival. May be mixed with water, 2 fluid ounces per gallon.Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.



Calcium, minimum…………………………..0.04%
Calcium, maximum………………………….0.07%
Vitamin A, minimum………………………..737 IU/mL
Vitamin D3, minimum………………………173 IU/mL
Vitamin E, minimum………………………..3.0 IU/mL


Propylene glycol, molasses products, calcium carbonate, choline chloride, DL-methionine, L-lysine, vitamin E supplement, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, thiamine, niacin, zinc sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydroiodide, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, cobalt sulfate, sugar.

Thank you so much for developing the Rabbit Nutri Drops! I raise Cavies (guinea pigs) and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. I started using Nutri-Drops to help with toxemia problems, to jump start newborns, and to strengthen the immune systems in older animals. When treating with antibiotics I use Nutri- Drops also. They are really responding to these better than anything I have ever tried. I also use them for traveling to shows to keep them on feed.
Renee Martin, Celebrity Cavies, MI

Pat (bunnyrabbit.com), I wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the use of the Nutri-Drops! I have saved the lives of many bunnies and even a newborn cavy with this product. It is literally a life saver. It works on newborns that miss feedings, rabbits that get heat stroke and bunnies with enteritis or rabbits that go off feed from stress. A great product!!!

Cindy Pail, Director, Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, Sarasota FL

“I am so impressed with how wonderful this product is – it’s like a miracle cure for my little Hollands and my son’s Mini Satins.  I first heard of Nutri-Drops at a Convention in San Diego.  I had a doe that had went off feed in the barn while I was gone. She was at that stage of grinding teeth and feeling like a bag of nothing but bones.  I grabbed my Nutri-Drops and gave her a dose.  I fully expected her to be dead the next day, but she wasn’t.  She drank a little water.  I gave her another dose.  That afternoon she had drank a lot more water and ate all of her hay and some of her grain.  Gave her one more dose that evening and since then she has made a complete recovery.  She is one of 4 bunnies that I can truly say that I fully believe if it had not been for Nutri-Drops, I would have lost them.  I have never seen anything work as well on bunnies that go off feed and water.  I must say for me it is a “Miracle Cure” that I don’t mind recommending to all my bunny buddies!
Becky Brim, Stone Hill Rabbitry Bartlesville, OK
I use Rabbit Nutri-Drops for show and competitions, overall maintenance & to increase appetite.  I read about it in DR magazine first.  I used it as preventive maintenance in 2008 before traveling to the convention in Louisville, KY.  My rabbits didn’t get sick or go off feed.  I had it sitting on my show table and someone snitched it & I had to go buy another.
Penny Shaver , Director, American Polish Rabbit Club, Genesis Rabbit Ranch, Saginaw, TX
Going to the San Diego show, for the first time I administered Rabbit Nutri-Drops before, during and after travel and if needed, during the show.  I had my best show.  I spread the word among all the people who buy rabbits from me about Rabbit Nutri-Drops.  When a doe went off feed, we treated her twice a day.  It kept her in really good condition.  We didn’t show until Tuesday (after arriving Sunday) and she won second place.  You just can’t have them go off feed.  Used to be you had to put them in a back pen and say you’re done for the show.  It took so much to bring them back.
Al Esterline, South Whitley, IN