Frequently Asked Question
Can Nutri-Drench / Nutri-Drops be given for antibiotic / vaccine response?

An antibiotic is of no more value than the level of energy in the system. Veterinary knowledge has proven that the immune activity of the body depends on the nutritional state of the animal.

"Most antibiotic failure results not from an ineffective antibiotic but from a crippled or non-functioning immune system. Immune failure most frequently results from low blood glucose levels. When glucose falls below 50 mg% the white cells fail to function normally"
- Gene Cope, Texas A&M

Both Nutri-Drops & Nutri-Drench:

  • Quickly elevate blood glucose levels in minutes, maximizing uptake of antibiotics/vaccines (Administer 15 - 20 minutes prior to antibiotic or vaccine)
  • Beneficial in any condition where additional energy and nutrients are needed quickly, including stimulating appetite (or to sustain) following surgery.