Frequently Asked Question
In the high stress world of racing, hunting, show and competition, what benefits does Nutri-Drench/Drops provide?

There’s tremendous work in creating a perfect, winning animal. Often there’s a fine line between a good contender and a champion. Travel, frequent competition, weather changes, adaptation to a new environment, fear or loneliness creates stress and excitement that causes depletion of nutrients. Often this results in loss of appetite and a listless attitude.

Both Nutri-Drops & Nutri-Drench:

  • Eases the stress of transport and frequent competition
  • Maintains appetite
  • Corrects Diarrhea
  • Quick energy boost for competition
  • Keeps focused and alert
  • Sustains in high physical exertion activities
  • Contains powerful antioxidants enabling faster recovery
  • Safe in testing
  • Administer 30-45 minutes prior to competition