Frequently Asked Question
What can Nutri-Drench or Nutri-Drops do for Arthritis?

There are many different kinds of arthritis known to medical science. This information refers to the most common form, Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is inflammation and deposits in nearly all the joints due to the body’s inability to eliminate all the products of a major immune response battle going on somewhere in the body.

As animals grow older, their food requirements are less; they eat less; they exercise less and their abdominal muscles become weak. Material moves much more slowly through the colon than in younger animals. The result is normally produced toxins developing to an abnormally high count. The immune response springs into action. The renal function may not be as efficient as in younger animals and blood deposits the surplus debris in the joints. This causes inflammation and enlargement and usually causes pain. The solution is daily exercise, good diet and a quality nutrition supplement that is rapidly assimilated. Reversal is easy in new cases. Well-established cases are much slower to reverse.

Both Nutri-Drops & Nutri-Drench:

  • Provides quality, balanced nutrition that is rapidly assimilated (99% utilization)
  • Relieves stiffness
  • Energizes the older animal
  • Improves circulation and maintains a healthy heart
  • Contains choline (significantly important in the aging animal as nerve transmissions decline)