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Stephen Lee Field Trials
Greeley, Colorado

I visited a medium sized Dairy Farm in Greeley to use the farm as a backdrop to film an advertisement. When we arrived at the farm I found two dead newborn dairy cows (2 days old) lying on the ground. They had already had their stomachs cut open and laid under the sun for sanitation purposes. These baby cows were going to be transported to Colorado State University in Fort Collins for research on why they died. Then I saw a baby cow that was very ill, lying on the ground panting also newborn (2-3 days old). The farm veterinarian predicted that the baby cow would die tonight. Due to the cows condition I offered to try Nutri-Drench on the baby cow. After 45 minutes the baby cow could stand up, but still looked weak. Out of curiosity I called the farm back after 1 and 2 weeks to see if the cow was still alive, and it was.