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Lora dePlante, New Ipswich NH 603-878-3795 Sept 2011
Maurice is a 32 year old mule, normally energetic, entertaining and full of himself. Early 2010 he developed swollen guttural pouch on both sides, which turned into a systemic infection. He lost a lot of weight, became lethargic had trouble chewing hay. Due to a number of things he was not diagnosed for over 9 months. It was our small animal vet who put him on very strong, expensive meds. The medication worked, swelling disappeared, bloods were normal. However, Maurice continued to fail, despite a huge amount of food and a lot of money spent on specialty products, supplements and feed to jump start his system it became clear that I was slowly losing him. He began lying flat 2 and 3 times a day, he became weak, thinner and unable to walk down the road without stopping to rest. After 2 weeks of Nutri Drench Equine I had my independent, energetic and down right pudgy Maurice back. Actually his personality came back within hours of the first application. After that I gave him 1/5 a doze on a daily basis and am weaning him off it altogether & cutting back on feed. Make sure you include your vet about a maintenance dose. The owner and staff at ND have been a huge help so call them w/ questions.