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Carolyn Whitehead, T4 Ranch
Sonora, Texas

We are pioneers in the Boer goat industry. We had the first baby born out of quarantine in North America in 1993. Nutri-Drench helped me a lot in the first Boer goat years. The first babies were so important. From that generation sprung our breeding stock. I used Nutri-Drench to get kids to nurse. Kids need colostrums within 18 hours. The first 7 - 10 days is everything. If they get past 10 days, they'll make it. We had trouble with babies not having enough get up and go. I used Nutri-Drench on my babies the minute they were born and for several days. It's wonderful. After Nutri-Drench, weak newborns are usually up in 10 - 15 minutes. If they're not up in 2 hours, something else is wrong. Nutri-Drench gives enough energy and boosts the immune system just enough. If you give it to the nanny, it turbo-charges her system to help her with kidding. It has everything you need to boost the immune system.