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Sally Kling, Kís Klassic Ponies
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

We raise American Shetlands. Ponies reach their mature height as a two year old, so the first two years are very important. Our theory is keep them healthy so they donít have to be doctored. We use Equine Nutri-Drench on our foals. If they are doing poorly we give it to them as a boost or if they are running diarrhea. I go out every morning and evening. If the foals are down in the dumps, I give Nutri-Drench and by the next day, or within 12 to 24 hours they feel perky. We give it to all the ponies at weaning as an extra boost when they are stressed. We dosed a yearling before a trip to a show. We wanted him to look good. It was a six hour trip. He did really well. He wasnít stressed at all. He took it all in stride. Took second.