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Timothy Chan (Tru-Luv Rabbitry), Malaysia
Importing rabbits can be a very expensive venture here in Malaysia and I suffered a great loss a couple of years ago when I lost my imported herd buck to G.I. Stasis. Today, I only wish I have a bottle of Rabbit Nutri-Drops back then. Losing my herd buck prompted me to embark on a search for a rabbit life saver. Lo and behold, I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops and since then, it has not only helped me save my rabbits in time of need but also helped fellow rabbit owners save their rabbits as well. Although there are no guarantees and it really depends on the rabbit’s condition, I have had many successes reviving rabbits that are suffering and showing symptoms of G.I. Stasis. Rabbit Nutri-Drops give the rabbits a second chance to live by increasing their energy and hydration. With energy to bounce back, it usually takes only two doses, 8 hours apart to have the rabbits start eating and drinking again. Though the occurrence of G.I. Stasis has reduced tremendously in my herd of rabbits, I still use and recommend Rabbit Nutri-Drops as THE supplement for rabbits. My emergency kit will never run out of supplies of Rabbit Nutri-Drops since I am a strong believer of being prepared for the worst and I can count on Rabbit Nutri-Drops to deliver!