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Ed Duren, Animal Scientist, University of Idaho
I've used propylene glycol for years on sheep. It gives them quick energy but we didn't have the mineral and vitamin mix with it. There's no doubt I've saved more sheep since I started using Nutri-Drench. Originally, I would use it if a lamb was chilled or didnít get up to suck or I had to pull him for delivery. Now, even with a healthy lamb, I give him 2 pumps. It gets them started quicker. Within the first 15 - 30 minutes after birth, blood sugar drops as much as 50%. Compound that with extreme cold if they are born outside and wet. If they don't suck during the first few hours, they can go into hypoglycemic shock and die. The sooner they are suckled, the better. So I give them Nutri-Drench for a boost.