Terri Shum sky, Paso Robles, CA AKC Judge & Author of 'How To Buy And Raise Your Toy Dog'

I have Yorkshire Terriers. All that needs to be said about Pet Nutri-Drops is many times Iíve seen it bring back strength and color on hypoglycemic tiny pups and give strength to newborns to nurse properly. Thatís why itís so important to always have on hand. I especially recommend it for the very tiny toy dogs. I use it on weak newborns, pregnant moms or any dog thatís not keeping weight on. Itís also good for sick dogs or dogs recovering from debilitating disease, keeping their energy up.

Sheila M. Beeney, Coneypark Shetland Sheepdogs

I have a Shetland Sheepdog who I mated three times. First time, she "missed" despite a good mating. Second time, she produced 1 puppy that was average size but died for no apparent reason at 3 days. The third time she produced yet another singleton which also died at 3 days for no apparent reason. The stud dogs were all fertile dogs that usually produced good sized litters. Each time a different dog was used so it's unlikely it was just a case of not being compatible. At this point, I decided not to mate her again. Then, I read about Pet Nutri-Drops in Dog World. I also read Betty Bloomfields book and found she used them for weak pups. I called Nutri-Drops' technical advisor and asked whether their product might be beneficial in saving the singletons we lost in the past, should I decide to mate again. He suggested I give the bitch Nutri-Drops 6 weeks before she was due to come into season and then 4 hours before she was mated, following this with a weekly dose while she was carrying the pups. He felt it was better to tackle the problem from this angle as it would increase her fertility which would give pups a better chance of surviving. I followed instructions to the letter and am delighted to tell you she whelped 6 puppies (more than I ever had hoped for as 4 is average for a Sheltie). As I write, the pups (3 dogs & 3 bitches) are 5 days old and thriving. Each puppy was given a dose of Nutri-Drops as soon as they were born. The last pup born was to all intents, dead on arrival, very weak and lethargic. I gave him a dose of Nutri-Drops and within 15 minutes he was racing around the bed and sucking with great gusto. I have no doubt that Pet Nutri-Drops is responsible for this lovely litter surviving and I want to thank Bovidr Laboratories' technician for his help.

Cynthia Cage
Evart, Michigan

Pet Nutri-Drops are always on hand. Itís the one thing I can always count on for a variety of conditions. Itís almost like having a first-aid pack in one. I donít travel without it and when a bitch goes into whelp, itís one of the first things I have handy. Great for the bitch and a drop for the whelps.

Mary Vender Walker
Weyauwega, Wisconsin

The Sheltie is supposed to be a hardy little dog but they have a lot of whelping problems. Small puppies happen frequently. Fading puppies go very fast. Pet Nutri-Drops says it enables newborns to overcome life threatening crises and become active and aggressive in nursing fast. I didnít even have to wait 1/2 hour! Even if theyíre not bad off, I give Nutri-Drops to all newborns. Iím not going to take any chances.

Karen Richards
Asutell, Georgia

I have Jack Russell Terriers. I learned about Pet Nutri-Drops from people who were racing. It gives them a boost of whatever they need and they recover from exertion and heat much faster. My dogs hunt and sometimes they get bitten. I give them Nutri-Drops right there in the field and it seems to perk them up. They get a funny look in their eye when theyíre not interested in whatís going on around them. After Nutri-Drops, theyíre right back to what theyíre supposed to be doing. You can see the difference in 5 minutes. Travel makes them miserable. If any look stressed, Nutri-Drops perks them up. Iíve just been to the National trials at Havre De Grace, MD and every one of my terriers placed. I donít think thatís ever been done in the history of the Nationals that a whole litter placed at the championships.

Dr. Laird Laurence, Hill Country Vet Clinic
Fredericksburg, Texas

There is no product out there like Pet Nutri-Drops. I couldnít tell you why it works. I use it with parvo dogs. (Parvo virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, slough intestinal tract). Nutri-Drops gets nutrition into them when their ability to absorb nutrients is lessened. It is well absorbed and gets a blood level of nutrients quickly. They claim itís Ďin the bloodstream in minutes and after using it, I believe that. Usually, when animals are sick enough, they havenít eaten for days. Nutri-Drops are the first thing we try. Its speed is most important. In about 15 minutes average, animals are more alert and respond to their environment.

Hubert Q. Tucker DVM
Orange, Virginia

The last 15 years, Iíve been interested in alternative medicine, especially nutrition. First time I tried Pet Nutri-Drops, I had a weak & stressed puppy. In half an hour, he started picking up, whimpering, showing energy had been restored. You can even maintain them on it for a few days. I gave it to an English Pointer that had 15 puppies over a long 24 hour period. She wasnít stressed or beat up afterwards. That was the most dramatic thing Iíve seen. Itís a quick source of energy and nutrients for any stressed out or debilitated dog. It doesnít have to go through the digestive process. It goes right into the bloodstream.

Lana Lane, †Land Gator Kennels
Rebecca, Georgia

We raise Bulldogs, Toy Fox Terriers and Dalmatians. For different reasons, pups get extremely weak and many lay down to die. After Pet Nutri-Drops, within 15 minutes theyíre up & gone to the water bucket. It will darn near bring them back from the dead. My mother calls it a straight miracle. Other products I know of have to be digested so youíre talking hours before getting results and by then, the dogís dead.

Lana Elswick, Kentucky
Owner of ďBoo BooĒ the worldís smallest dog

Boo Boo and I are going to New York tomorrow, we will be on the Today Show Friday morning Jan 25th. We were on Regis and Kelly in Oct. and we went to Sacramento Ca. in Nov. and did a photo shoot with the worldís tallest dog. Your product saved her life and I tell everyone I can. They just will not let me mention a products name on tv.