Steve Harris, Southern Goat Producers Association

I can confirm & greatly affirm that everything claimed about Nutri-Drench is true! Goat Nutri-Drench is like flipping on a switch to change from dark to light. It makes a difference between dull & vigorous, near death & life, down & up to perky.

This week I treated an almost downed 16 weeks young kid for worms & coccidiosis. I drenched her with Nutri-Drench for 2 days after treatment. This morning she was not only up but out foraging & then trotting to feed after her siblings.

Linda Stacy, Glen Rose, TX

I had a doe give birth to triplets on a cactus plant. They all appeared fine for the first two days. Then one developed a limp, he was weak because he couldnít compete for milk. He had stickers broken on his hip joint. I gave him a dose of Nutri-Drench. The other two kids developed scours from too much milk. I also gave them a dose of Nutri-Drench. The triplets all survived. I believe at least a couple of kids would have died without Nutri-Drench. I believe that this product should be one to always have on hand.

Cindy Lee, Nelson, Brownwood, TX

I have boers and boer-crosses. On several occasions, I found newborn kids stretched out, barely breathing and what my grandpa, Pappy Clyde, would have called dead. After a dose of Nutri-Drench, 2 hours later, those kids were up and nursing. Also, it works great on does that have stressed from kidding, gotten off feed and looking for a place to lay down and die. One good dose and in a couple of hours---they're up, eating and letting the kids nurse. Obviously, I'm an avid fan of Nutri-Drench and canít say enough good things about it.

Patricia Dickey, Northern Illinois Dairy Goat Association, Genoa, IL

I had a doe deliver 3 kids. The last one was so weak he couldn't hold his head up & wouldn't even try to suck. I tried Goat Nutri-Drench and in 5 minutes, his head was up and in 10 minutes he was drinking and was as lively as his sisters. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

Joan Coker
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Goat Nutri-Drench gets newborns going fast. I'll give a second dose 8 to 10 hours later or at the next feeding or if I see scouring. It stops scouring right away. When does go off feed, I give them Nutri-Drench and by next feeding, they start to nibble or are completely back on feed. Never have to give Nutri-Drench more than twice. I use Nutri-Drench at shows to get the winning edge. I give it on arrival and before entering the show ring. I never have a goat go off feed or scour and they have a perky attitude.

Carolyn Whitehead, T4 Ranch
Sonora, Texas

We are pioneers in the Boer goat industry. We had the first baby born out of quarantine in North America in 1993. Nutri-Drench helped me a lot in the first Boer goat years. The first babies were so important. From that generation sprung our breeding stock. I used Nutri-Drench to get kids to nurse. Kids need colostrums within 18 hours. The first 7 - 10 days is everything. If they get past 10 days, they'll make it. We had trouble with babies not having enough get up and go. I used Nutri-Drench on my babies the minute they were born and for several days. It's wonderful. After Nutri-Drench, weak newborns are usually up in 10 - 15 minutes. If they're not up in 2 hours, something else is wrong. Nutri-Drench gives enough energy and boosts the immune system just enough. If you give it to the nanny, it turbo-charges her system to help her with kidding. It has everything you need to boost the immune system.

Martha Phillips, Bloomfield, IN

I bottle feed all newborn kids. One will lay down, almost dead. I give them 2 or 3 pumps of Goat Nutri-Drench and within 30 minutes, they're on their feet looking for a bottle. We kid in January & February and I give all newborns 2 pumps as soon as I dry them off, for a boost. I'm sold on it. I won't be without it because kids can go down so fast & Nutri-Drench gets 'em moving, jumping off the walls. I also credit Nutri-Drench for keeping a doe with severe coccidiosis living long enough to get to the vet.

Leslie Christine Franco
VP Administration & Rehab Wildlife Care

I swear by Nutri-Drench. I've had fawns that I was sure were going to die & I put Goat Nutri-Drench in their bottles and they lived! I recommend it to EVERYONE now. I also use Poultry Nutri-Drench on all birds I get in. It's a WONDERFUL product. I have several rehabbers and goat breeders hooked on it. Thank you.