Bob and Judy Davidson, Sweet Meadow Minis
Torrington, Wyoming

When we get into trouble we tend to go for the Equine Nutri-Drench, no matter what else we are doing. We use it on all the colts when they are weaned, as a preventative. Any kind of stressful situation we pull it out and use it. We had a colt that wasnít doing well. I donít know if she would have made it without Equine Nutri-Drench. She was never thrifty from the day she was born until she was weaned. It was a difficult 6 to 8 months but we got her through without the vet.

Sally Kling, Kís Klassic Ponies
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

We raise American Shetlands. Ponies reach their mature height as a two year old, so the first two years are very important. Our theory is keep them healthy so they donít have to be doctored. We use Equine Nutri-Drench on our foals. If they are doing poorly we give it to them as a boost or if they are running diarrhea. I go out every morning and evening. If the foals are down in the dumps, I give Nutri-Drench and by the next day, or within 12 to 24 hours they feel perky. We give it to all the ponies at weaning as an extra boost when they are stressed. We dosed a yearling before a trip to a show. We wanted him to look good. It was a six hour trip. He did really well. He wasnít stressed at all. He took it all in stride. Took second.

Linda Jay
Galena, Missouri

My neighbor purchased a bred paint, and had her in my barn. The last week of foaling she developed stress founder. We almost lost her. The vet thought he would have to put her down the day her baby was born. That same day I got Equine Nutri-Drench as a free sample at a sale. I got back and the vet was there to put the mom down. She was fixing to foal. The timing just worked out. We gave Equine Nutri-Drench to the mom and the baby shortly after birth. It helped them both to build up their strength during that critical time. We used Nutri-Drench for two weeks. The baby got over diarrhea. She is two months old and doing great! It helped the mom and hopefully she will keep going till the baby is weaned.

David Nottingham DVM
Baldwin Junction Vet Clinic, Kansas

I use Equine Nutri-Drench primarily on newborns. If they get off to a slow start, it gets their energy up and they nurse better. If foals get diarrhea I use it so they have more energy and keep nursing. The vitamins and electrolytes keep their appetite stimulated. Once in awhile I use it on weanlings. When a horse has colic we pump mineral oil into their stomachs and I put Nutri-Drench into the oil. When they have colic you have to walk them. The Nutri-Drench keeps their energy level up to walk.

Dr. George Baker, Ord Vet Clinic
Ord, Nebraska

Iíve used Equine Nurti-Drench for several years on debilitated horses that donít have good appetites and foals recovering from scours. Itís a good product. It helps pick them up. I use it for 3 or 4 days and I see results in that time. It has glucose for energy and multiple vitamins. Iíve used it on foals that were really weak from Spring diarrhea when they were foaled. It helps them get back on their feet.

Peggy Wittrock
Whithall, Montana

My horse won the open ID in the NBHA in Helena, also the Senior ID so I am pretty sold on Equine Nutri-Drench. I especially recommend it for older horses. After my barrel horse turned 19, his energy dropped considerably. I started giving him Equine Nutri-Drench and his energy level came back up and he started winning again.