Erin Johnson

Nutri drench saved my chickens life after a rooster attack. Nine days my chicken did not eat or drink by her self. On day 2 I knew I had to give her something or she would die. I gave her nutri Drench with a syringe until she was eating a little bit on her own. She would have died without this great product. This is a product I will always have on hand, Thank you

Rheanna, Hallasville, TX

I wanted to write & let you know how pleased I am with Nutri-Drench. I canít tell you how many lives have been saved, especially weak chicks. Itís difficult to figure out dosage for a small newborn chick but I put Nutri-Drench on a q-tip, dip the q-tip in water & administer the Nutri-Drench. Iíve saved so many chicks this way, ones that were on deaths doorstep. Every time I give Nutri-Drench the chick perks up within the hour. Just this morning I had a chick that had a rough hatch, she was the last egg to hatch & I found her cold in the nest, unable to hold her head up, her eyes open or stand. Now sheís holding her head up & pecking. None of my chicks have died, they all thrive. PLEASE never stop making this product. Itís a life-saver. People usually only email to complain but this is such a great product, I feel compelled to write & compliment.

Christina Penton, Haymarket, VA

The vets could not identify why my Polish chickens were weak and ill. They discredited my use of this supplement but it was the only thing that brought them around. To my frustration, they had nothing else to offer. The chickens rebounded quickly and after a few hours to two days on Nutri-Drench , depending on the bird, they were back to normal. After all medical tests returned negative, the vets think that heat stress caused a decline in their calorie intake and the birds' systems were starting to shut down. Nutri-Drench saved my birds when the doctors could not. It got them through the heat wave when fans and ice did not. I will never be without it!

Kim Shaffer, Veterinary Technician, Columbia City, IN

I have Red New Zealands & Polish. The Reds took 2 years to put together so everything I get, I really need to save. I came across Nutri-Drench for swine & poultry years ago. They helped make my daughter a 4H champion.

To get a vet to work with, treat, or diagnose rabbits is rare. Mostly you are working with experimentation and word of mouth. Before I used Karo syrup to raise the blood sugar. Then I heard about Nutri-Drops. It raises the blood sugar but itís giving vitamins and minerals to give them a boost. For travel I recommend doses of Rabbit Nutri-Drops about 5 or 6 days before leaving & then use it while out there.

Karen Tewart, Ligonier, PA

I have never had a sick or dead chick when raised with Poultry Nutri-Drench in their water for the 1st 2-3 weeks of life. I raised 42 large fowl Light Sussex show prospects using the Poultry Nutri-Drench. No sickness, pasty butt, diarrhea, sudden death. Just robust chicks and happy buyers. I am on one of the huge poultry forums consistently advising new chick owners to get their Nutri-Drench! Itís so great for jumpstarting those travel-stressed shipped chicks!

Bruce Sedman
Lyman, Nebraska

When chicks have trouble getting out of their shells I give a couple drops of Nutri-Drench, if I can find a beak. It gives them strength to keep trying. Out of the shell, Nutri-Drench also improves survivability for wet chicks that can't hold their head up. (ones with retained yolk sacs) Anytime we ship birds, we give Nutri-Drench as we load them. We even use it moving young birds from pen to pen because they stress so easily. Nutri-Drench works fast. Speed is important because when they start looking sick, they're right at death's door.

Leslie Hudson, Hudson Poultry
Pulaski, Mississippi

We get birds the day they hatch. I use Nutri-Drench If theyíre sluggish. By the next day I see it really makes a difference. Iíve used Caro (syrup) but with the vitamin and mineral mix in Nutri-Drench, I felt it was better. We do what we can to make a stronger bird. The companies say to give a Vitamin D boost. I was buying liquid A, D, E vitamins but Nutri-Drench is A, D and E, and more, as well as molasses. I use it at two weeks to help bone strength. I compete against 214 growers and the last three years I have been number one to number four.

Noel Thompson
Circle Hill Farms, Iowa

We raise 600,000 heavy Toms (turkeys) a year. We use Poultry Nutri-Drench on poults that come in stressed. It perks them up pretty well. We use it up to five weeks. Also use it in conjunction with Penicillin for Viral Enteritis. For the bigger turkeys with an Ecoli problem, we use it in conjunction with SDM. It sweetens their water so they wonít back off it. No doubt about it, they like the stuff.

Scott William, Riverview Farm
Calhoun, Georgia

Iíve used Poultry Nutri-Drench for a couple of years. It gives me better production, yield, and return. We have a large operation, 138,000 birds. I use it from the first day up to twelve days. The first week is critical. If they get off to a good start the immune system is stronger against disease. Plus, Nutri-Drench helps with extreme heat.

William Truman II
Atlanta Poultry Show

I have less mortality and heavier birds at the end of grow out. Poultry Nutri-Drench improved my performance on the sell sheet which makes more money on the end. Made me an extra $35,000 from 1998 to 2000.

Mr. Yen, Taiwan Investment Group

Approximately 15 young ostriches were shipped by air from South Africa. They were extremely stressed and weak from shipping. Nutri-Drench was diluted in water and administered to them. In 30 minutes, energy was restored and they were back on feed.

Lonnie Osman, L & S Farms
Rudy, Arkansas

I was a top grower for Campbellís Soup, and now Simmons. I have 80,000 birds in 5 houses. Nutri-Drench is the only nutrition used outside the feed. It takes the stress out and I get a better feed conversion. It pays to use Nutri-Drench. It gives birds a better start. I use it twice a week for the first 3 weeks. It has electrolytes and itís better than any A, D, E vitamin Iíve used. Nutri-Drench helps the immune system so much plus it helps with shipping. I also give a dose of Nutri-Drench at least twelve hours before we vaccinate.

Leslie Christine Franco
VP Administration & Rehab Wildlife Care

I swear by Nutri-Drench. I've had fawns that I was sure were going to die & I put Goat Nutri-Drench in their bottles and they lived! I recommend it to EVERYONE now. I also use Poultry Nutri-Drench on all birds I get in. It's a WONDERFUL product. I have several rehabbers and goat breeders hooked on it. Thank you.