Lorraine Pierre, Lehighton, PA

I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops at one of the shows I attended. Recently my rabbit was neutered and he did not bounce back after surgery. He was very mushy so I gave him a syringe of Nutri-Drops. He perked up so fast!! Iím going to tell my vet to stock it. Iím also sending some to a rabbit rescue.

DR. NANCY TRAMMELL, Research Biologist, Cumming, GA

I have 35 years experience in breeding and animal husbandry. If you are going to own rabbits there is one product you must have, Rabbit Nutri-Drops. No animal lover should be without it.

I am a firm believer in using it, especially at shows. Iíve had rabbits brought to me on two occasions that were all but dead. One with its head arched back was in death convulsions. The lady who brought it to me was in tears. We held it down and put a little Nutri-Drops in the mouth to be absorbed by mouth tissue and within 30 minutes that rabbit was up and eating and drinking. I wouldnít have believed it if I hadnít seen it.

Nutri-Drops is un-rivaled in rescuing animals in any time of stress Ė not just when theyíve gone off food and water. We know that the trans-tissue absorption through mouth, throat and stomach walls provides delivery that bypasses the digestive tract and acts as a non-invasive I.V. Sending nutrients straight into the bloodstream gives an immediate boost to their system, jump-starting their digestive process and promotes their return to a normal appetite. Itís important to know that Nutri-Drops is my first ďadditive of choiceĒ in many (some would accuse me of Ďallí) circumstances.

I recommend you use Nutri-Drops to boost glucose and nutrition levels for travel and show stress, in the birthing process and with weak kits, older or injured animals, and always when worming or treating with antibiotics and other medications. The glucose gives them instant energy and provides the fuel for their bodies to continue to produce oxygen-carrying blood cells. The vitamins and minerals are necessary nutritional components required to nourish and sustain their bodies. The amino acids are required for proper assimilation of those nutrients and provide for an adequate energy base for the rabbit to thrive. When an animal is under stress, it needs immediate relief to prevent an interruption in nutritional flow. Because of their small body mass, rabbits just canít sustain a prolonged fast. (Prolonged for a rabbit is about 12 hours.) A breeder had been on road four days and realized by the fifth day that this rabbit hadnít eaten. The gut was completely empty. There were no droppings in the litter. She was trying various treats to tempt the rabbit. To no avail. We said get Nutri-Drops, she got the product and administered the dosage. The rabbit made an almost immediate recovery and completed the convention in good form.

There was a breeder in GA who had an emergency trip out of town. When he returned after 2 days, he found a nursing doe, hanging half out of the nest box. She was terribly dehydrated, the Kits in the box were wrinkled with dehydration. I rushed over and in the 35 minutes it took me to get there, one bunny had died. I treated the doe first and then put half drop in each kitís mouth. The doe recovered very well and all of the babies survived. The runt of the litter placed fourth out of 11 at a rabbit show this spring.

Use Nutri-Drops EVERY time you worm or medicate rabbits. The taste and sometimes the internal action of the medical treatment will cause a rabbit to avoid food and water for hours. The Nutri-Drops will instantly deliver a nutritional boost to keep them in the best physical form possible. When a rabbit is placed on the show table it is being exposed to every parasite, bacterium, virus, etc. carried by every rabbit ever placed on that table. After every show you need to worm and treat lightly for Coccidiosis. ALWAYS give a dose of Nutri-drops as a part of your treatment regimen.

I believe in Rabbit Nutri-Drops. Itís hard to get a testimonial or endorsement out of me. But this product is real, it works.

Kim Shaffer, Veterinary Technician, Columbia City, IN

I have Red New Zealands & Polish. The Reds took 2 years to put together so everything I get, I really need to save. I came across Nutri-Drench for swine & poultry years ago. They helped make my daughter a 4H champion.

To get a vet to work with, treat, or diagnose rabbits is rare. Mostly you are working with experimentation and word of mouth. Before I used Karo syrup to raise the blood sugar. Then I heard about Nutri-Drops. It raises the blood sugar but itís giving vitamins and minerals to give them a boost. For travel I recommend doses of Rabbit Nutri-Drops about 5 or 6 days before leaving & then use it while out there.

Al Esterline, South Whitley, IN

Going to the San Diego show, for the first time I administered Rabbit Nutri-Drops before, during and after travel and if needed, during the show. I had my best show. I spread the word among all the people who buy rabbits from me about Rabbit Nutri-Drops. When a doe went off feed, we treated her twice a day. It kept her in really good condition. We didnít show until Tuesday (after arriving Sunday) and she won second place. You just canít have them go off feed. Used to be you had to put them in a back pen and say youíre done for the show. It took so much to bring them back.

Anonymous, Malaysia

Rabbit Nutri-Drops helped in increasing energy when my rabbits go off feed and after a bout of diarrhea.

Mr. Tan, Malaysia

Just to share with you, I think my Chester is gain his appetite back. I just put 1 or 2 drops of Rabbit Nutri-Drops in his drinking bowl. Thanks again for your help.

Siti Salmah, Malaysia

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my bunniesí progress. My bunnies ingested some detergent powder by accident and I almost lost them as they stopped eating and drinking. Thanks to you and Rabbit Nutri-Drops, they now healthy, chubby and enjoy hoping around their room.

Julie, Malaysia

We usually bring our pet bunny Lux back to our hometown during festives season. During these stressful traveling which usually stretches up to 5 hours, Lux will stop relieving herself. Whenever we reach our destination, Lux will lose her appetite and usually stop eating and drinking. After giving a dose of Rabbit Nutri-Drops, Lux will return to her usual self. We are really grateful for Rabbit Nutri-Drops, else she would be an ill bunny each time we travel.

Timothy Chan (Tru-Luv Rabbitry), Malaysia

Importing rabbits can be a very expensive venture here in Malaysia and I suffered a great loss a couple of years ago when I lost my imported herd buck to G.I. Stasis. Today, I only wish I have a bottle of Rabbit Nutri-Drops back then. Losing my herd buck prompted me to embark on a search for a rabbit life saver. Lo and behold, I found Rabbit Nutri-Drops and since then, it has not only helped me save my rabbits in time of need but also helped fellow rabbit owners save their rabbits as well. Although there are no guarantees and it really depends on the rabbitís condition, I have had many successes reviving rabbits that are suffering and showing symptoms of G.I. Stasis. Rabbit Nutri-Drops give the rabbits a second chance to live by increasing their energy and hydration. With energy to bounce back, it usually takes only two doses, 8 hours apart to have the rabbits start eating and drinking again. Though the occurrence of G.I. Stasis has reduced tremendously in my herd of rabbits, I still use and recommend Rabbit Nutri-Drops as THE supplement for rabbits. My emergency kit will never run out of supplies of Rabbit Nutri-Drops since I am a strong believer of being prepared for the worst and I can count on Rabbit Nutri-Drops to deliver!

Becky Brim, Stone Hill Rabbitry, Bartlesville, OK

I am so impressed with how wonderful this product is - it's like a miracle cure for my little Hollands and my son's Mini Satins. I first heard of Nutri-Drops at a Convention in San Diego. I had a doe that had went off feed in the barn while I was gone. She was at that stage of grinding teeth and feeling like a bag of nothing but bones. I grabbed my Nutri-Drops and gave her a dose. I fully expected her to be dead the next day, but she wasn't. She had drank a little water. I gave her another dose. That afternoon she had drank a lot more water and ate all of her hay and some of her grain. Gave her one more dose that evening and since then she has made a complete recovery. She is one of 4 bunnies that I can truly say that I fully believe if it had not been for Nutri-Drops, I would have lost them. I have never seen anything work as well on bunnies that go off feed and water. I must say for me it is a "Miracle Cure" that I don't mind recommending to all my bunny buddies!

Cindy Pail, Sarasota FL

Pat (bunnyrabbit.com), I wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the use of the Nurti-Drops! I have saved the lives of many bunnies and even a newborn cavy with this product. It is literally a life saver. It works on newborns that miss feedings, rabbits that get heat stroke and bunnies with enteritis or rabbits that go off feed from stress. A great product!!!

Renee Martin, Celebrity Cavies, MI

Thank you so much for developing the Rabbit Nutri-Drops! I raise Cavies (guinea pigs) and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. I started using Nutri-Drops to help with toxemia problems,to jump start newborns, and to strengthen the immune systems in older animals. When treating with antibiotics I use Nutri-Drops also. They are really responding to these better than anything I have ever tried. I also use them for traveling to shows to keep them on feed.