Kim Shaffer, Veterinary Technician, Columbia City, IN

I have Red New Zealands & Polish. The Reds took 2 years to put together so everything I get, I really need to save. I came across Nutri-Drench for swine & poultry years ago. They helped make my daughter a 4H champion.

To get a vet to work with, treat, or diagnose rabbits is rare. Mostly you are working with experimentation and word of mouth. Before I used Karo syrup to raise the blood sugar. Then I heard about Nutri-Drops. It raises the blood sugar but itís giving vitamins and minerals to give them a boost. For travel I recommend doses of Rabbit Nutri-Drops about 5 or 6 days before leaving & then use it while out there.

Arnold Boller, Grundy Center, IA

I manage a 400 sow farrow-to-feeder operation. Iím always looking for ways to save smaller, weak pigs. Nutri-Drench is the first product that you can really see the difference in short time. Nutri-Drench does not require digestion so nutrients absorb directly to the bloodstream. I see renewed vigor as fast as 30 minutes.

Rich Harlow Lafayette, IN

I had a new gilt and was nervous that she might eat her pigs. As each piglet was delivered, I gave them 2 pumps of Nutri-Drench and put them in a box. Later, I came back and was horrified to see the box knocked over. There were 9 pigs and I only found 8. I looked all day and figured the pig was gone for good. Two days later, I found the last little pig. There was no way she had ever nursed and the only thing she had ever gotten as far as nutrition was Swine Nutri-Drench. I believe she wouldn't have lasted without it. She made market weight in the same amount of time as her littermates.

Milton Green DVM, Gering, NE

Feed and supplement ingredients have varying time lags from ingestion to digestion and utilization, usually 10-16 hrs. Nutri-Drench is unique in that it can be measured in the bloodstream in 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, 50% is utilized. Nutri-Drench is a good investment in supportive nutrition to improve treatment response, reduce hospital time, expense and reduce death loss.

Beth Sheckler, Wausau, NE

Our 21 day weaning weight average increased by .67 lbs.

Tim Huber, Hoven, SD

Swine Nutri-Drench increases survivability....gets runts off to a good start.

Bruce Modreske, Canton, OH

We increased our survival rate of 1.5 to 1.75 pound pigs by 50% to 60%.

Judy Hartman, Cumberland, IA

Newborn pigs nurse more aggressively and get going quicker.

Don Davis, Sidney, NE

Swine Nutri-Drench has been used in our unit for 9 months and we are saving 95% of the young pigs that start to fade. It has also proven very effective in getting problem pigs started in the nursery.

Arno Matthews, Blue Earth, MN

Swine Nutri-Drench has been used in our farrowing unit in excess of 2000 pigs. I am convinced I have increased pigs saved by 2.5 pigs per litter (from 8 pigs average to over 10.5 weaned per sow). I am very satisfied with Nutri?Drench and highly recommend it.