Kristann Nelson

I've just got to say, you have made my 4 year old daughter so happy tonight. Without your Sheep Nutri-Drench my baby's pet lamb would have died tonight. We are guessing it was a combination on thing, including low blood sugar, but within 2 to 3 minutes of giving her nutri-drench she went from full blown posturing to holding up her own head and trying to stand. After another half hour and another dose we got her to drink some milk replacer and she's currently alive and asleep in our laundry room. While we raise livestock, this lamb is my daughter's pet, and will be raised as a pet and not food. My daughter is over the moon and in tears that we saved her baby and for that. I'm extremely, extremely greatful.

Michael Histon, New Windsor, MD

Here at Shepherds Manor Creamery we think that Sheep Nutri-Drench is as good as gold. We have saved more lambs that were very weak after birth than any other product. Every one of our birth areas always has a bottle in the birthing kit. We also keep one in the aid jump kit for the larger sheep. Itís the BEST.

Joan Coker
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

The minute lambs are born, we give them a dose. If we have triplets, it really gives them energy to get up and going. I also use it for scours and lambs off feed. We had an older ewe off feed and the vet had no hope for her. We gave her 35 cc of Nutri-Drench morning and night for 9 days. Her ruman had stopped working. Nutri-Drench got energy into her and she started up. She gave birth to twins 3 or 4 times after that.

Roger Luehrs, DVM
Sidney, Nebraska

Sheep Nutri-Drench is very effective increasing my success in treating sick and surgical lambs.

Lindsey & Sons
Newell, South Dakota

Lambs down with white muscle disease are clinically normal in 24 hours.

Michael Beyer
Sidney, Nebraska

As a producer, I've witnessed weak lambs up and nursing within 30 minutes after Sheep Nutri-Drench.

Jerry Gray
Bozeman, Montana

My weak lambs are up and nursing within 30 minutes.

David Sewald, Ft Collins, CO

Sheep Nutri-Drench is now my product of choice for stimulating appetite in ketotic ewes. In most cases, I see response within 4 hours.

Ed Duren, Animal Scientist, University of Idaho

I've used propylene glycol for years on sheep. It gives them quick energy but we didn't have the mineral and vitamin mix with it. There's no doubt I've saved more sheep since I started using Nutri-Drench. Originally, I would use it if a lamb was chilled or didnít get up to suck or I had to pull him for delivery. Now, even with a healthy lamb, I give him 2 pumps. It gets them started quicker. Within the first 15 - 30 minutes after birth, blood sugar drops as much as 50%. Compound that with extreme cold if they are born outside and wet. If they don't suck during the first few hours, they can go into hypoglycemic shock and die. The sooner they are suckled, the better. So I give them Nutri-Drench for a boost.

Columbia, Missouri

MFA veterinarians used Sheep Nutri-Drench on livestock at their own research farm and now carry the products in their 180 plus stores. Our vets found increased vigor, faster and more aggressive nursing. Additionally, there is improved response to antibiotics. Excellent responses were noted for weak lamb syndrome, particularly in the difficult early lambing season necessary to get to spring market, and with pregnancy toxemia.